Same visuals in joseon era
There is an alchemy of souls also with two personalities who inhabit the body of the lead hand
The costumes are similar
Several romances and stories of crossed revenge
Recommandé par CKD
Main characters have to deal with mysterious magic and events. Love slowly blossoms as they both face challenges together.
Recommandé par dunesme
I think it is simillar because the two dramas consists with spells and magic.I have watched lovers of the red sky and I think alchemy of souls gonna be like that.These two have same kind of geners.
Recommandé par San18
AoS: Light and Shadow is the continuation story, the sequel of AoS. From the same writers Hong Sisters and same production team, the main casts will return for Part 2 as well.
Recommandé par Lucia
Han Joon Oh is a leading South Korean celebrity. He is stunningly good-looking and tall but is secretly plagued by an inferiority complex that leaves him permanently insecure. One day, he is hired to appear in a public service video. But the shoot goes horribly wrong, and Han Joon Oh is involved in a potentially fatal car collision. He is only saved by the quick thinking of a female firefighter named Kang Young Hwa, who pulls off a heroic rescue.

Han Joon Oh’s representatives hire Kang Young Hwa to work as the star’s personal bodyguard, recognizing her incredible talents. But when Han Joon Oh awakes from his stupor in the hospital, he has changed completely – as his body has now been possessed by the spirit of a nobleman from ancient Korea. This nobleman, named Do Ha, was killed by his beloved wife Han Ri Ta – and the vengeful spirit is on a single-minded quest for retribution…
Recommandé par 4chukyunz1302
"Love between Fairy and Devil" together with "Alchemy of Souls" are the best dramas of the season, they are not exactly the same, they both have great OSTs, but they also share the theme of an impossible love story set in a magical world.
Recommandé par dunesme
It's the Genre!

I don't think the ML & FL has any similarities with that of “Evernight”, it's the genre actually that is exactly the same without any argument. Cdrama fans already know this XUANHUAN, kdrama why must you do this, ehe?
Also at the beginning of each drama, both ML can't cultivate for their different situations and later found their path in becoming a magician or rather mage! I can say that Ever Night's plot is more reasonable to me than AOS or I'm too early to said that since I'd completed episode 5 recently.

I've been rooting for this kind of good drama in this genre since I watched Ever Night and here it's, so I ought to enjoy it! Also Master and servant relationship between the ML & FL. Recently there are others like Doulou Continent and The Blue Whisper which I didn't enjoyed that much that are similar with AOS in genre only!

If you're enjoying AOS I guess you'll enjoy Ever Night S1 for the same taste they both share! Fingers crossed!
Recommandé par Jamaal
Those 2 dramas are very similar.
Alchemy of souls has a very strong wuxia vibe going on.
The costumes and the powerful fighting skills.
Both of the MLs have a hidden birthstory, both are mistreated and cave their skills power and influence all by themselves.
JOL does not have romance as much as AOS though.
Recommandé par Konekochan
Contains many of the same tropes, but goes more in-depth. Explains different levels of energy and how to train for and obtain them.
Recommandé par got2be
Both are fantasy historical dramas where one person's soul ends up in another person's body. They follow the premise of the FL trying to get out of the body they've ended up in, but Alchemy of Souls has more magical elements while Mr. Queen is around time travel. I also think they have a similar type of humor where it shouldn't be taken too seriously even when the drama's setting deals with intense stuff like royalty and politics.
Recommandé par pix
Both have one of the main character's soul transferred to another body. Both have fantasy genre. Main characters both hate each other at first but then the relationship starts to develop strongly
Recommandé par purejackie
Both are high budget fantasy korean dramas released in tvn. Both dramas have amount of great CGIs, unique plots and incredible acting.
Both dramas set in fictional countries. Both ML characters has birth secret with prophecy.
Recommandé par Lucia
Similiar supporting cast (counted 4 supporting actors) , historical fantasy, special powers, sword fighting scenes
Recommandé par Merp
From the same writers (Hong sisters), both shows are high fantasy + romance. They have strong female leads with supernatural abilities who is on a mission related to her past and can fight well. Both have good special effects and some comedic elements to it as well.
Recommandé par phyberry
Both drama are from the same writers - Hong sisters. Both dramas are fantasy dramas . Even though plot wise it's different some character dynamics between the characters are similar. While a Korean odyssey storyline is set in the modern time, alchemy of souls is set in a different period of time.
Recommandé par minmin
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