Both dramas have a university setting and the "enemies to lovers" trope, are cute, funny and sexy at the same time, with attractive actors in leading roles who have great chemistry.
Recommandé par HKN
Just the chemistry between the MLs is very similar and both series give me that 'feel good' vibe even if Trapped is more serious at times.
Recommandé par Daudun
Both have ghosts as the plot, both good shows :)
Recommandé par Kier
The main couple in TharnType and Stay By My Side starts out as enemies then turns to lovers. Initially, one would try to drive out the new roommate but was unsuccessful because the other would retaliate by other means. Their dorm mates would also be involved in their feud.
Recommandé par bolin
Love the supernatural aspect of both series. The MLs also seem to have great chemistry. Very intriguing.
Recommandé par BLBelize1
Cute, supernatural romances -the couples in both series are human and dealing with ghosts in different ways.
Recommandé par vieveda
Both of these dramas are similar. Due to an accident or an incident, the protagonist cursed to see or hear ghosts. The one time when he/she was free of ghost disturbance is being close (near vicinity) to a companion whose aura dispels ghosts. The time spent being near each other allows them to get acquainted and develop feelings for each other.
Recommandé par bolin
Not sure why I feel these two may be of same premise with ML obtains supernatural powers. Oh No here comes trouble is really awesome.
Recommandé par usna
The stories begin with the male leads battling with misfortune such as Fukuhara kota being unlucky in Fukou-kun wa Kiss Suru Shikanai! And Bu Xia having to hear voices of the death ones in Stay by my side. Destiny brings Shinomiya to Fukuhara and Jiang chi to Bu Xia who make their misfortune go way. They start to approach them with the agenda of keeping away their misfortunes by making them stay by their side whatever it takes, then eventually fall for them.
Recommandé par wei ying
Enemies to lovers is the main similarity
I don’t really have many reasons but when I was watching STAY BY MY SIDE I kept remembering BAD BUDDY and how they got off first to how they grew into the most adorable couple
Recommandé par ch1ld1nd1go
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