Stand by Your Side Épisode 1

8.1/10 from 30 users
Jul 07, 2023
Jiang Chi transfers into Bu Xia's dormitory, and the two of them get off on the wrong foot. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 2

8.3/10 from 30 users
Jul 07, 2023
Because of his sister’s unintentional mistake, Bu Xia starts hearing strange sounds around him, which leads him to beg Jiang Chi for help. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 3

8.2/10 from 27 users
Jul 14, 2023
Bu Xia tells Jiang Chi how important he is to him, which makes Jiang Chi wonder about his own uniqueness. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 4

8.3/10 from 27 users
Jul 21, 2023
For the sake of showing his sincerity in inviting Jiang Chi to the basketball team, Bu Xia starts taking the initiative in showing care for his roommate. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 5

8.3/10 from 28 users
Jul 28, 2023
Jiang Chi's father is hospitalized and he needs to go care for him. Because of this, Bu Xia is forced to spend a few days apart from his roommate. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 6

8.3/10 from 31 users
Aug 04, 2023
Jiang Chi overhears the conversation Bu Xia has with the basketball team, and a misunderstanding arises. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 7

7.9/10 from 28 users
Aug 11, 2023
Bu Xia's sister arrives on campus to look for him, and Bu Xia takes the opportunity to explain his feelings to Jiang Chi. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 8

7.7/10 from 21 users
Aug 18, 2023
Bu Xia doesn't want his relationship with Jiang Chi to affect his partner's future, and as a result the two of them get into an argument. (Source:

Stand by Your Side Épisode 9

7.7/10 from 28 users
Aug 25, 2023
Jiang Chi and Bu Xia's sister figure out a way to stop Bu Xia from hearing the voices of ghosts. (Source: TVDb)

Stand by Your Side Épisode 10

7.6/10 from 26 users
Sep 01, 2023
A woman claiming to be Jiang Chi's future wife suddenly appears; what changes will she bring to the relationship between him and Bu Xia? (Source: TVDB)

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