Both these dramas are boss/employee bodyguard gay romances.

Where Your Eyes Linger
+Korean bl miniseries
+Tae-joo and Kang Gook are childhood friends but Kang Gook is obligated to serve him to pay off an old debt to Tae-joo’s father. One of the main obstacles to their love is Tae-joo’s father.

Golden Blood
+Thai bl drama
+Sky, the son of a wealthy mafia boss, is placed under the protection of Sun. Eventually he falls in love with his bodyguard. However, Sky’s father may be a pose as a problem to their blooming relationship.

Both of these dramas also have a similar episodic debacle where the bodyguard refuses to accept his feelings and puts it down as a temporary attachment developed because of the job.
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‘Kinnporsche’, like ‘Golden Blood’, is an upcoming Thai drama. Both these dramas feature a boss/employee relationship between a bodyguard and his principle. However, the dynamic between the couple and the storyline are very different.
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Set around mafia and a little more action than a normal bl. Still Golden Blodd is not near as serious as Trapped nor is as good. But it's still worth your time and is enjoyable .
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Both series portray a wealthy family of unscrupulous business practices who solicit the assistance of a closely trusted bodyguard to protect the sole heir of the family’s fortunes and its various enterprises. The bodyguards follow their respective young masters in all aspects of their daily lives, such as sharing the same living quarters and attending the same classes at school, all while developing intricate feelings for one another as the series progress.
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Advance Bravely
+Chinese censored adaptation of a bl novel
+Yuan Zong, a formal soldier, is now a bodyguard to Xia Yao, a wealthy playboy. In his efforts to help his sister earn Xia Yao’s attention, he himself falls for his charms.

Golden Blood:
+Thai bl drama
+Sky, the son of a wealthy mafia boss, is placed under the protection of Sun. Eventually he falls in love with his bodyguard.
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Both are BL romances where one is the son of a gangster/mafia and the other works for the gangsters/mafia. Both couples must fight to stay together.
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They both involve the mafia and romance, one guy trying to protect and keep the other guy safe from their enemy.
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The rich younger brat with Daddy issues vs the older, poorer and responsible guy with the muscles! The setting is completely different but the overall theme is still going strong.
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Same bodyguard trope . If you like the bodyguard trope aspect it's wortb watching, but not a masterpiece .
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In 3 Will be Free, Tay Tawan plays the son of a mafia boss, much like Gun in Golden Blood. Gun and Tay share a lot of characteristics, they both want OUT of the mafia business and want to just live their lives. Both get targeted by OTHER mafia bosses. In 3 Will Be Free and Golden Blood, both have a second Male lead who is the protective type (Joss in 3 Will be Free and Boat in Golden blood). Both have LGBTQ+ characters. 3 Will Be Free is definitely the Rated R version of Golden Blood.
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Thai BL dramas. Both include mafia/crime themes and plenty of action scenes. One of the leads is in constant danger while the other has to protect him, eventually they fall in love (both include side couples as well)
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- Nai Noi is the most used word
- Both are fromCH3
- Same stype of editing but f/m
- Mafia love/Assassin love
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