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about me
Kathleen. Irish/German. Capricorn. Nostalgic. Chronically ill.  I've been watching dramas since 2018 when I saw Ever Night.   I watch Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai, old or new, and am easy to please. 

my first dramas by country
youth drama
happy endings
secondary couples
age gaps
short length drama
 A Lifetime Waiting For You (Bloody Romance)
 Phoenix (Untouchable Lovers)
 Love Like Colored Glass (Love and Redemption)
Your Eyes (LUCA: the Beginning)
Unpretentious (Legend of Fei)
In My Heart (Flower of Evil)
 Upwards To the Moon (Ashes of Love)
 Zhao Yao (The Legends)

 As It Is (One and Only)
➳ Three Thousand Worlds Not Meeting You (Story of Kunning Palace)
➳ Blazing Heart (The Legend of Shen Li)
favorite osts
Round and Round (Goblin)
 Sound of Rain (Jun Jiu Ling)

Leave (Bulgasal: Immortal Souls)
 Hold Together (Moonlight Romance)
 Flavor of Life (Hana Yori Dango)
Silence (No Secrets)
Wu Ji (The Untamed)
 No One Knows (The Untamed)
 Fleeting Flowers in a Timely Rain (Love of Thousand Years)

Dangerous Man (My Lethal Man)
Windflower (Legend of the Blue Sea)
Direction of the Light (The Long Ballad)
➳ I Will Never (Train)

 Safe and Sound (Romantic)
➳ Heartbeat (Indulgence)
➳ Thousands of Miles (The Snow Moon)

some of my favorite dramas
some of my favorite movies
my ratings system
10☆   Perfection, I loved it.
9-9.5☆   Excellent, almost perfect.
8-8.5☆   Good, I really liked it.  Anything rated this or higher I'd recommend.
7-7.5☆  Fine, okay for a one time watch.
6-6.5☆  Tolerable, I liked something about it
5☆  Bad, I can't believe I finished it. 
"I initially wanted the empire. But since you came to my side, I slowly started to not want it.… I saved you this time because I feel that you’re better than the empire." 
- Untouchable Lovers
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