Asian BL - BL/Gay Dramas and movies 1980's to 2021

Asian BL from the 1980's to 2021: A comprehensive Guide for lazy Fangirls (and Boys) 

Or, more like, "BL from some Asian countries"... China (+ Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.)

If you'd like recs about non-Asian BL, just ask...


List will only contain titles in which BL/Gay/Male Bi couples/characters/themes, have at least a somewhat prominent role. 

***(Titles with (only) Trans characters; not included--a Trans woman who loves men is straight, not gay.
Crossdressing has nothing to do with gender identity so titles with cross-dressing guys who like guys; included.
Bodyswap is (reluctantly) included.
Bromance if there is an implication that it is/will go beyond friendship)***

Adding every now and then. 

Note; To make it simple; I'll just call BL, even if it would be more correct to say; stories about guys who are attracted to guys.  
"Gay theme" and BL are two different things.
But as long as one can tell fantasy from reality--it's a convenient word. 

My ratings are pretty harsh at times, but I judge by quality, not by how much I like/dislike it. Also by intention. Don't compare masterpieces with romcoms. That's not fair. Judge by what they were intended to be. A stupid romcom can be a 10 just as well as a Kurosawa flick, can. 
Btw; A "5" means "mediocre". "10" means "perfect". "1" means "a crime towards mankind."
People, there are a whole lot of numbers between 1 and 10.

Note: Included are dramas made of the manga "Hanazakari no kimitachi e". Even if it's not BL, there is a beautiful point made, which I think deserves attention because it's present in a manga/drama which has no BL connection.

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  • 'Cause You're My Boy

    1. 'Cause You're My Boy

    Thai Drama - 2018, 12 episodes


    I don't quite get why this drama is bashed harder than other of its type. 

    I agree with the wide-spread criticism--this definitely has a lot of flaws--especially obvious in the technical department and the, at times, very weird writing--but I don't consider it any worse than many other titles in the bunch of run-of-the-mill BL that has been released in Thailand since the start of the boom. 

    At times the story in itself is very nice, at times it's a jumbled mess of ... There is a confusing flashback part, which is  woven in in a very strange way, and can be quite unclear until you catch up on what's going on. (The random and illogical writing is what makes it weird.) I was aware of this before I watched it, due to reviews I had read--but I still found it confusing).

    What it DOES have, is great and sweet chemistry between the quite charming leads. Even if the acting is uneven, the guys have a great connection and are very, very sweet together. Reunited as one of the side couples in "2gether" (2020), they don't get all that much time, but the connection is still there.

  • 1 Month Like Summer Vacation

    2. 1 Month Like Summer Vacation

    Japanese Movie - 2008

  • 2 Moons 2 Special:  Before the Moon Rises

    3. 2 Moons 2 Special: Before the Moon Rises

    Thai Special - 2019, 1 episode


    Special for the reboot version "2 Moons 2", from 2019.

  • 2 Moons 2: The Series

    4. 2 Moons 2: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2019, 12 episodes


    I was hesitant about this one, and kept putting it off. I didn't even like the original and reboots usually make for a poor replacement.
    This didn't.

    This is much better than the original 2017 version. Acting and chemistry between most leads, pacing and focus, directing and planning, musical score (LOVE the instrumental score)-- everything is better. I haven't read the novel(s?) since I didn't like the 2017 drama, so I don't know if the side couples have this amount of time in the novel, but I love it. I prefer those to the main story. This version also has a  MUCH better pacing for the main couple's story, giving plenty of space and time for three couples.

    I don't like cheesy, so at times the syrup makes me cringe, but for the most part, it stays "just sweet"--delivering an overall very satisfying parade of great BL treats that are bound to make you squeal...
    In terms of actual quality--I was happy to find quite a few scenes that were REALLY well directed and made me go twinkly-eyed-silent instead of "iiiihhh". That's heavy praise coming from me.

    Unfortunately, it's bursting with tiring and gross stereotypes and tropes-- especially Alpha Male-behaviour of self-proclaimed tops bossing their "wives" (i.e. their possessions) around. (Just because you do it kindly and gently doesn't mean that it's not degrading and emasculating. Fangirls/boys... please question the use of "wifey" and "hubby" and what the use of those words actually brings in terms of sexism and inequality... It seriously degrades bottoming guys as well as women...)
    But let's blame the author of the original story for that, not the producers of the drama. I do, however like, that the three couples at least represent three different trope constellations, giving us some variation. (And hopefully one relationship more equal and respectful, when Ming and Kit progress in the sequel season.

  • 2 Moons 3 The Series

    5. 2 Moons 3 The Series

    Thai Drama - 2022, 12 episodes

    Upcoming (2020) sequel season to the reboot version of ("2 Moons")--"2 Moons 2", from 2019.

  • 2 Moons: The Series

    6. 2 Moons: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2017, 12 episodes


    I'm sorry, but this one is so overrated. There are a shitton of better ones out there... Like the reboot from 2019, which is SO much better in every way. I really don't like this one but since the production as a whole is fairly well done, I can't rate it below other run-of-the-mill BL. 

    The main crappy things; The pacing of the main couple's story is excruciatingly slow (slow progress is good if done right, but this is just drawn-out without any substance to back it up) and steals so much time and space from the side couples, that those two only come off as unnecessary and shallowly explored filler components. The chemistry is a bit better between the side couples. but the main guys have none whatsoever.
    (No wonder...)

    The whole crap with the IRL homophobic behaviour and comments from one of the lead actors as well as from people in the production, left one with a very bad taste in one's mouth. Not to mention that the homophobia severely affects the end result in terms of chemistry. If you don't sincerely want to portray homosexual relationships, but only think "BL is trending, let's release a BL title" without any desire to actually create a good piece, you won't be able to write nor direct in a way that actually creates a believable atmosphere or chemistry between the actors. 

    Watch the reboot from 2019 instead.

  • 2Day

    7. 2Day

    Thai Special - 2020, 1 episode



  • 2gether the Movie

    8. 2gether the Movie

    Thai Movie - 2021

  • 2gether The Series

    9. 2gether The Series

    Thai Drama - 2020, 13 episodes


    This... kinda' grew on me. After ep 1, I was "meh". Then I started to fall for the guys and now I kind of like it. But I might be biased. Anything that has guys with guitars and puts this much focus on music--is bound to get me hooked. 

    But the MDL rating... Seriously?!

    There isn't much to the story--it's standard and more than a little bit stupid (aren't most...), but it's generic BL. It's not meant to be super deep. It's sufficient for a fix of cute boys love. (Also, the MC actors are just about the prettiest BL leads ever. A runway model and a fairytale prince. Something like that.) Most of the cast is made up of familiar faces from earlier BL. Acting, from all involved, is... okay.
    (Gunsmile drives me crazy, though. He CAN act, but he always goes over-the-top in comedic roles. I hate that.)

    As for technical aspects... Not impressive. The editing is really weird and at times--so abrupt that it feels like one went to the bathroom during commercials and missed out on a couple of minutes... The jumps between the couples, are really haphazard. And the amount of time they get, is so odd in proportion that the side couples feel unnecessary. (But since I love Toptap, I won't complain. He's adorable. I want to adopt him. I want to pinch his cheeks. Like, really.) 

    In Ep 10, stuff went haywire in writing/pacing. The story up until then, building slow, just went into total lightspeed, causing a crazy rushed progression. It took them 9 eps to get to mutual admittance of feelings--then one episode to hook up, shack up and shake it up... 

    But fuckups aside--the OST is catchy and the cheery intro song from this series blasting when my alarm goes off in the morning--turns my cranky mood down a notch. 

    Basically; despite a thin plot, messy techs and lack of originality... gorgeous guy x 2, with nice chemistry = Enjoyable even if it would be utter crap.

    It's not amazing, but Me Like.

  • 2Wish The Series

    10. 2Wish The Series

    Thai Special - 2019, 2 episodes


    This isn't good. I have no idea how anyone could claim it is. The only reward is to see more of Mean and Plan--whom I like both as individual actors and paired up in BL. 

    In this piece, I did love seeing the huge contrast between their characters in "Love By Chance" and this one. Mean's 180 change if one has watched "Love By Chance" before this one--makes you go "whot?!" They're both very versatile as actors, but especially Plan is crazy convincing both in his cocky, confident roles as well as his absolutely awesomely adorable ADHD-airhead-space-cadet role as Can in "Love By Chance". (One of my all-time fav BL characters...)

    And I love their chemistry. I've seen people complain about the lack of that in their pairing in "LBC", but remember--in that drama, their relationship has barely even started at the end of S1 and the development of their connection is perfectly right for the storyline of their hate-to-love. In this mini-drama you see that they do have chemistry. And good such. 

    So basically; the mini-drama sucks but since it's these two guys, it's still rewarding enough to be worth watching if one likes Mean and Plan--individually or together.

  • 3 Will Be Free

    11. 3 Will Be Free

    Thai Drama - 2019, 10 episodes


    This... sounds absolutely crazy when reading the synopsis.
    I love crazy. But it really sounded so over-the-top that I was sure that it would either be a complete disaster--or quite epic. It turned out that it was the latter. 

    The reviews were what convinced me to watch it, and I absolutely loved it.
    An insane road-movie drenched in gunfire, violence, death, crazy characters, wild partying and crackling sexual tension--yet it gives you deep and serious drama, telling the stories of characters that are of a type that we very seldom see on screen in this way--making them human and real, not just how they stereotypically are portrayed. This is also the first time I've ever seen the love story of a Trans woman portrayed in-depth in a multi-character drama, as a big part of the plot. (Jenny rocks.) We get a big assortment of sexual preferences and identities served and are made to understand them all. 

    Acting is top notch, production and music is great and it's just a blast.

    This isn't really BL--it's a story about a polyamorous relationship between two guys and a girl--so much of the "action" is in throuple. Polyamory is a concept that's hard to deliver in a way that convinces a watcher who has zero understanding for how someone can love several people equally. This manages to do that. I also find it fascinating how their love transcends actual sexual preferences and just comes down to emotions lighting desire regardless of one's "normal taste" and how jealousy isn't something that can't be overcome. I swing both ways so of course, I'd think this is fricking hot--but I think that almost anyone could because it really manages to almost entirely erase the whole gender thing. 

    I can't explain it in detail because it would spoil--but if you end up discontent with some of the end results, I urge you to think deeper than the actual, practical outcome.

  • 30Sai made Doteida to Mahotsukai ni Narerurashi

    12. 30Sai made Doteida to Mahotsukai ni Narerurashi

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 12 episodes


    This is so simple--just your basic, lightweight, by-the-book cliché BL manga (here in live action version)--but darn, is it fricking feelgood...
    At times, quite hilarious--but mostly just... cute and puts a smile on your face. 

    Add to that a  pretty nice production and decent acting--that wraps it up as one of the most endearing BLs of 2020. 

    I can't rate it higher than this, since it's just TOO light weight to make an impact, but it's so sweet that I'm not bothered by its silliness and ridiculous innocence.

  • 46 Billion Years of Love

    13. 46 Billion Years of Love

    Japanese Movie - 2006

  • A Cappella

    14. A Cappella

    Japanese Movie - 2016

  • À cause de toi 2020

    15. À cause de toi 2020

    Taiwanese Drama - 2020, 10 episodes


  • A Cohabitation

    16. A Cohabitation

    Taiwanese Movie - 2019


  • A Crimson Mark

    17. A Crimson Mark

    Korean Movie - 2004

  • A Distant Place

    18. A Distant Place

    Korean Movie - 2020

  • A Frozen Flower

    19. A Frozen Flower

    Korean Movie - 2008

  • A Light Year

    20. A Light Year

    Chinese Movie - 2018

  • À Mon Étoile

    21. À Mon Étoile

    Korean Movie - 2021

    Movie version of the drama "To My Star".

  • A Naked Boy

    22. A Naked Boy

    Korean Movie - 2015


  • A Queer Story

    23. A Queer Story

    Hong Kong Movie - 1997

  • A Round Trip to Love

    24. A Round Trip to Love

    Chinese Movie - 2016


    This + sequel, were quite popular when they came, but they aren't my cup of tea. Probably largely due to the fact that I really don't find the slick, metrosexual type of guys a´la Chinese/Korean boyband, appealing... Nor does the melodramatic type of story-telling suit my taste.  I prefer down-to-earth, simple kind of love stories in everyday type of settings, with your everyday type of normal guys. 

    But if you like that type of guys and that type of stories--sure. The flicks in themselves, aren't that bad--but not good either. 

  • A Round Trip to Love Part 2

    25. A Round Trip to Love Part 2

    Chinese Movie - 2016


    Sequel to "A Round Trip to Love".

  • A Straight Man Like You

    26. A Straight Man Like You

    Taiwanese Movie - 2019


  • A Tale of a Thousand Stars

    27. A Tale of a Thousand Stars

    Thai Drama - 2021, 10 episodes


    So far--I love this. Love it. Love, love, love it.

    Love the story, love the direction, love the OST/score, love the cinematography, love the setting, love the script (for most part), love the acting, love the cozy, lovely, happy, sunny feel, love how it makes me smile.
    I even kind of love Earth in this one--and THAT'S a first for me...

    Basically; a whole lotta' love.

    This one's a keeper, even if there is potential for a derailing further down the line.

  • A Tale of Thousand Stars: Counting 1 to 1000 Stars

    28. A Tale of Thousand Stars: Counting 1 to 1000 Stars

    Thai Special - 2021, 1 episode

  • A Touch of Fever

    29. A Touch of Fever

    Japanese Movie - 1993

  • Absolute BL

    30. Absolute BL

    Japanese Special - 2021, 1 episode


    This is fricking hilarious.  
    I laughed my ass off--and I'm not a person that's all that easily swayed past the level of occasional giggles. (But if you aren't one for sarcastic humor, you might not be quite as amused as I am.)

    I'm immensely entertained by everything that makes fun of BL, since no matter how much of a fangirl I am--I'm also a cynic... (And too old and hardened to wear rose colored glasses 24/7...) 

    We've seen a bit of it lately--with Thai dramas "Why RU?" and "Lovely Writer" (haven't watched the latter, though), but this is different. It really, REALLY shows off all the nonsensical things with BL--outright and literally, not just with a wink. And it's great.
    Here--one is allowed to laugh one's ass off at pathetic situations, predictable plots and cheesy stuff :D We're meant to.

    It's not mean, not condescending and not judgemental--just sarcastic hightlighting of the stuff in BL that would make anyone roll their eyes if they weren't so caught up in a BL-high. All seen through the eyes of a dude that rivals even me in terms of having a sarcastic view of the world.

    It's unique in its storytelling and definitely one of my favs for 2021. It becomes a little bit haphazard towards the end, so it doesn't quite hold all the way--but all in all, it's a little gem of a different flavour. Love it.

  • Absolute Zero

    31. Absolute Zero

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

    Upcoming 2021.

  • Addicted Heroin

    32. Addicted Heroin

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 15 episodes


    So precious, a classic. 

    Of the adaptations of Chai Ji-Dan's novels, this would be the most "realistic" in both story and how it's told. (Compare to "Counterattack"--also called "Falling in Love With a Rival", and with "Advance Bravely"...) The novel is crazy, yes, but not QUITE as crazy as her other works. (All of them are EXTREMELY dirty, though. But that part is sparse in this one, as well as "Counterattack", and completely absent in "Advance Bravely", due to Chinese laws.)

    The dramatizations of the ones before mentioned, are flat/boring/bad--and very glossy--respectively--but this one has a different feel. A more mellow coming-of-age type of story, that relies more on the dynamics and developing relationships between the characters, than everything that goes on around them. Two (fairly...) normal teen boys falling in love. It's charming and the chemistry between the guys is soooooo nice.

    The drama only covers about half of the first book (of two), since it was discontinued. The reasons are a bit unclear but probably the Chinese media ban on LGBTQ content, was a big part of it.

    But if one wants to know the full story--both novels are fan translated and available here and there--on Wattpad, for example. Be sure to support Sai's "official" translation (she has permission from the author of the novels, Chai Ji-Dan) and has worked very, very hard with this. I know, since I helped out with the editing for a while. 

    Taiwan is supposedly making a reboot, which made the fans go ballistic, (especially since Taiwan are allowed to show actual gay content and therefore can include at least some of the VERY graphic content from the novels) but it turned out that the story is a free adaptation and does not include these guys. But it'll probably still be worth a watch. The Taiwanese usually manage to produce decent--to amazing--stuff.

  • Advance Bravely

    33. Advance Bravely

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 30 episodes


    Glossy, tidy, corny and stupid. And nuts, like all Chai Ji Dan's stories. Gotta' love it. 

    It's not realistic, profound or intelligent in any way, shape or form--but it's entertaining. The budget was pretty high and production slick, especially so in comparison with the other dramatizations of Chai's stories--which were really low-budget. This needed that part in order to work. And it did.

    There are far too few BLs with action/thriller/other "less cutesy" themes, so I get happy every time we get something like that. Bodyguards, cops and kick-ass martial art scenes that are really well done, to boot. Add some explosions and shit--and I'm a happy Fangirl.
    (Yes, once again; I love my BL "manly".)
    But don't get me wrong--this is quite typical BL in most ways. Just that the setting isn't.

    Guys are hot, acting is decent, OST is quite catchy. The side couples don't work, since there just wasn't all that much material to go on, in the novel--and the drama had even less, so their stories end up feeling like fairly pointless fillers. (I haven't finished the novel, though.) 

    The big, big, BIG minus here; Sadly, this is very strictly adjusted to work around the Chinese media ban on LGBTQ content, so you have absolutely zero BL action. Zero. But props to the production for still being able to conjure up some tension and clever scenes to imply stuff they weren't allowed to include. (But if I had to choose--I'd still go with this tame version, because Chai's novels are so dirty that they often step over the line to tastelessly vulgar. I like it hot and if it suits the story--preferably really graphic, but Chai often pushes it to the level of cheap porn-mag-jerking-off-material.)

    But to sum it up; this is a mandatory watch for anyone who digs Chinese BL on a light and silly note.

  • After Erection

    34. After Erection

    Hong Kong Movie - 2017


  • After the Restart

    35. After the Restart

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    So... Waiting for this title, I was apprehensive. 

    Furukawa Yûki in a BL role? Could work. I've never been a fan, but he did do a pretty good job in "Erased".
    How about the manga? Well... it's cute. Mediocre, but cute. 

    I finally got my dirty paws on the movie, a while ago.

    It's actually really cute, and a good adaptation of the manga :) Furukawa, once again, convinced me that he's actually talented, and not just the annoying dude from sleazy, crappy Shoujo-adaptations. He was pretty fricking adorable in this one :) 

    It's innocent, it's grounded, it's simple and it's really, really sweet. Totally in line with Japan's new style in BL--and I really, really love their 180-turn. (Or, perhaps their TWO 180 turns... From plastic manga-crap--to two polar opposites... Everyday love--and dark and twisted...)

    I'll admit that I've only watched it unsubbed, so far. There doesn't seem to be any English subs available yet, but they should be out soon. My Japanese is weak, I'm far from skilled enough to be able to pick up more than the rough outlines of dialogue--but I HAVE read the manga, so I'd say I get the picture well enough to be able to rate the flick. 

    Definitely worth a watch!

  • Ah, Wilderness

    36. Ah, Wilderness

    Japanese Movie - 2017

  • Ai no Kotodama

    37. Ai no Kotodama

    Japanese Movie - 2008


    Old School Japan

  • Ai no Kotodama 2: Sekai no Hate Made

    38. Ai no Kotodama 2: Sekai no Hate Made

    Japanese Movie - 2010


    Old School Japan

  • All About My Father

    39. All About My Father

    Korean Movie - 2010

  • All Night Long II

    40. All Night Long II

    Japanese Movie - 1995

  • Alternative Love

    41. Alternative Love

    Chinese Movie - 2016

  • Alternative Love 2

    42. Alternative Love 2

    Chinese Movie - 2016

  • Amphetamine

    43. Amphetamine

    Hong Kong Movie - 2010

  • An Encounter In Chengdu

    44. An Encounter In Chengdu

    Chinese Movie - 2012

  • An Encounter In Chengdu 2: Love Unbound

    45. An Encounter In Chengdu 2: Love Unbound

    Chinese Movie - 2014

  • An Ordinary Love Story

    46. An Ordinary Love Story

    Thai Movie - 2012

  • Angel in the Toilet

    47. Angel in the Toilet

    Japanese Movie - 1999

  • Anger

    48. Anger

    Japanese Movie - 2016

  • Antique

    49. Antique

    Japanese Drama - 2001, 11 episodes


    Old School Japan, adapted from a (back then, at least) super-popular manga. BL hints are almost all wiped out, if I remember correctly. (Haven't watched it for a looong time, nor will I rewatch.)

  • Antique Bakery

    50. Antique Bakery

    Korean Movie - 2008


    Korean version of the Japanese "Antique", based on the manga "Antique Bakery".

  • Approach to Love

    51. Approach to Love

    Chinese Movie - 2013

  • Approach to Love 2

    52. Approach to Love 2

    Chinese Movie - 2016

  • April Fools

    53. April Fools

    Japanese Movie - 2015

  • Artemisia

    54. Artemisia

    Taiwanese Movie - 2008

  • As If You Whisper

    55. As If You Whisper

    Korean Movie - 2019



    I was a little bit disappointed in this one... Because I loved the first half. It had full-lenght-flick quality to it, and there would have been material to make a full movie from it, and it would have ended up a lovely, light and spring-like romance story--the type of low-key indie flick I adore.
    But IMO, the director made a crucially bad choice and strayed from that feel... 

    I'd spoil if I elaborated more than that, but let's just say that there was a plot component shoved in, that should have been left out. Or at least done differently. Even though it was small, and was kind of poignant for the development of the rest of the movie, IMO, it cracked that simple, fragile feel and tainted it with a cliché melodrama-plot device. And they didn't even make use of the whole thing and just brushed it away. 


    Well, despite that--this was one of my fav Korean BL shorts and I absolutely loved the subtle and soft chemistry between the guys. They were just somehow perfect together, in a way I can't quite put my finger on.
    The first part--even though it's a plot thing I don't like (music/idol/whatever-industry... who cares...), I still fell for it. The first half I adore. The rest was okay.

  • Asymmetry

    56. Asymmetry

    Japanese Movie - 2008

  • At First Glance To See It With

    57. At First Glance To See It With

    Chinese Movie - 2017


  • Athlete

    58. Athlete

    Japanese Movie - 2019

  • Attraction

    59. Attraction

    Chinese Movie - 2016

  • Awakening Love

    60. Awakening Love

    Chinese Movie - 2017

  • Baby Steps

    61. Baby Steps

    Taiwanese Movie - 2015

  • Bad Buddy

    62. Bad Buddy

    Thai Drama - 2021, 12 episodes

  • Bad Romance

    63. Bad Romance

    Chinese Movie - 2011

  • Bad Romance: The Series

    64. Bad Romance: The Series

    Thai Drama - 2016, 13 episodes


    The parent story of the BL dramas "Together With Me" + sequel. 

    Pretty generic love story, set in a group of uni friends. The major storyline being straight, with several side couples, of which one is gay--THE Thai (pretty much overall) BL couple, IMO. (Alongside with Tharn & Type from "TharnType".)

    The other straight side couples are bleh, but I really, really love the characters of Jihwa and Cho, who are the main couple. Jihwa might be  the coolest female character in any Thai lakorn to date... If it weren't for these two (and of course, Korn and Knock), this would be total junk. Though, I would have rated it higher if it weren't for some idiotic plot components...

    Since this was the first series, Max and Tul's chemistry as Korn and Knock, hadn't yet reached it's full potential--which it had in the prequel and sequel that focuses mainly on them and their backstory.--"Together With Me", plus the sequel, which in timeline takes place after "Bad Romance".)

  • Bad Roomate

    65. Bad Roomate

    Thai Drama - 2021, 30 episodes

  • Baker Boys

    66. Baker Boys

    Thai Drama - 2021, 12 episodes

  • Bang Rak Soi 9/1

    67. Bang Rak Soi 9/1

    Thai Drama - 2016, 55 episodes

    Family sitcom, with the son of the family being confused about his sexual orientation due to being attracted to both a guy and a girl in a set of siblings. 

    Haven't watched it, and I probably won't. Read the comment threads on the page for the drama, if you want spoilers about whom he choses. (If either.)

  • Bangkok

    68. Bangkok

    Thai Drama - 2020, 2 episodes

  • Bangkok G Story

    69. Bangkok G Story

    Thai Drama - 2017, 20 episodes

  • Bangkok G Story: Samet Island

    70. Bangkok G Story: Samet Island

    Thai Special - 2019, 3 episodes

  • Bangkok Love Stories 2: Innocence

    71. Bangkok Love Stories 2: Innocence

    Thai Drama - 2018, 13 episodes

    Haven't seen it, but supposedly the BL content is very low. 

    (You'll find Max from the "Together With Me" series in a role, but I think a straight one? Tul, his BF from that series, apparently has a cameo in some episode, but I have no idea if they're paired up in any interaction whatsoever, this time around.)

  • Bangkok Love Story

    72. Bangkok Love Story

    Thai Movie - 2007


    It's crap. But it's classic, and there really wasn't very much to choose from, back then. The story is quite different from other Gay themed ones, and that's one reason to appreciate it, even if the thing as a whole is far from qualitative.

  • Bao Bao

    73. Bao Bao

    Taiwanese Movie - 2018

  • Be Love

    74. Be Love

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 4 episodes

  • Be Loved in House

    75. Be Loved in House

    Taiwanese Drama - 2021, 12 episodes

  • Be Loved in House Special

    76. Be Loved in House Special

    Taiwanese Special - 2021, 1 episode

  • Because of You 2

    77. Because of You 2

    Taiwanese Drama - 0000

  • Before I Love You

    78. Before I Love You

    Thai Movie - 2019


    See comment for other part of three episodes in the mini-mini-drama.

  • Before I Love You: Mek x Mork

    79. Before I Love You: Mek x Mork

    Thai Movie - 2019


    Pointless little mini-mini-drama-series with three short episodes featuring three different couples. Pretty much harmless junk, but if you have nothing better to watch and go ballistic over every BL you can get your paws on--sure.

  • Before I Love You: Phu x Tawan  Uncut

    80. Before I Love You: Phu x Tawan Uncut

    Thai Movie - 2020

  • Before I Love You: Rain x Storm

    81. Before I Love You: Rain x Storm

    Thai Movie - 2019


    See comment for other part of three episodes in the mini-mini-drama.

  • Befriend

    82. Befriend

    Taiwanese Drama - 2018, 24 episodes

  • Being Me

    83. Being Me

    Korean Movie - 2018


    One of the better shorts from South Korea, well worth a watch. It's not that special that many make it out to be--the focus isn't entirely where it should have been--but it's still good. Just not great.

  • Beloved Enemy

    84. Beloved Enemy

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 15 episodes

    De-BL-fied BL... 

    We´re all aware of the disgusting Chinese bans regarding LGBTQ depiction in media--so naturally, dramatizations of explicit BL novels will become what they become. 

    However, the story is quite appreciated among BL fans even in this "normalized" rendition, and it IS based on a (very dirty--I'm currently reading it) BL novel--so I'll include it on the list.  

  • Berlin Drifters

    85. Berlin Drifters

    Japanese Movie - 2017

  • Between Us

    86. Between Us

    Thai Drama - 2022, 12 episodes

    Sequel/Parallel story to "Until We Meet Again", but focusing on the story of Win and Team.
    (Looking forward to this since I do like these guys--but there just wasn't enough time for them in the parent story, so they just became a filler in that one...)

    Upcoming 2021.

  • Bishonen

    87. Bishonen

    Hong Kong Movie - 1998


    Old School Hong Kong

  • Bite Fight

    88. Bite Fight

    Chinese Movie - 2016

    Vampires. Or monsters. Or something like that. = I won't watch it.

  • Bitter Sweet

    89. Bitter Sweet

    Thai Drama - 0000, 8 episodes

  • Bittersweet

    90. Bittersweet

    Japanese Movie - 2016

    As far as I understand; no BL, but with one of the MCs being gay.

  • BL: Broken Fantasy

    91. BL: Broken Fantasy

    Thai Movie - 2020

    A short-film/docu about the BL industry and the fandom? Haven't watched it and the rating is horrible but could be interesting enough to take a look. 20 minutes or so isn't too much of a sacrifice, even if I suspect that my own philosophical ponderings on the matter, are probably far more elaborated than what this little chunk on the matter, can serve.

  • Black Art Collection -Testimony-

    92. Black Art Collection -Testimony-

    Japanese Special - 2020, 1 episode

  • Black Summer

    93. Black Summer

    Korean Movie - 2017

  • Bloody Buddy

    94. Bloody Buddy

    Thai Movie - 0000

  • Blueming

    95. Blueming

    Korean Drama - 2022, 11 episodes

  • Boku no Kareshi wo Shokai Shimasu

    96. Boku no Kareshi wo Shokai Shimasu

    Japanese Movie - 2009

    Old School Japan. Pretty sure I've watched it but can't remember a single thing... Which would probably mean that it sucks.

  • Bokura No Ai No Kanade

    97. Bokura No Ai No Kanade

    Japanese Movie - 2008


    Old School Japan

  • Boring Love

    98. Boring Love

    Thai Movie - 2009

    The first dramatization of the nutty story posted on Thai discussion forum "Pantip". 

    The later version you're probably familiar with--the BL drama "What The Duck?"

  • Boss, I Love You

    99. Boss, I Love You

    Hong Kong Movie - 2014

  • Boy Meets Boy

    100. Boy Meets Boy

    Korean Movie - 2008



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