Both are historically based dramas. In both of the dramas, a woman is pretending to be an eunuch, who stays close to a Master of the Throne or the King per say. Both dramas are about the love stories of how the king and the girl develop feelings for each other.
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Both dramas have huge similarities.
*Both dramas have comedy.
*Both are historical dramas.
*Both involve time travel.
*Both have their own type of romance and case solving.
*In both, the person coming from the future shares her/his knowledge with the people in past.
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Both are similar, and very alike. Just a few changes here and there, but each has their own uniqueness.
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Similarities between SSL and WL:
- FL is a student who is doing poorly at school and doesn't want to sit her exams.
- She time travels to the past (SSL)/ enters a historical story (WF) where she meets the ML who is the emperor.
- In both dramas, the FL and ML have a very similar relationship where the leads first hate each other and later befriend each other.
- The main leads hit it off almost immediately despite their power imbalance and the FL treats the ML, the emporor like she would a friend.
- The FL also meets her modern world best friend counterpart in the historical world and befriends her
- In both dramas the FL's life is on the line and she has to use her school knowledge of history to solve the problems faced in the emperors empire to survive.
- Both dramas have a lot of hints of romance that doesn't actually start, the leads are only really good friends that clearly develop feelings for each other.
- In both dramas the FL travels back to the modern world and meets a man with the same face as the ML in the historical/story world.
- The leads have crazy chemistry in both dramas.

Differences (what WL did better)
- What I loved about WL was that the FL already knew the modern day ML before travelling to the past and they were already good friends/frienamies even in the modern world.
- It is clear from the modern world scenes in WL that the ML always liked the FL.
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Present day girl goes into history. Short and sweet story where the girl must remember school teachings to help make history move forward.
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Accidental time travel, love, and finding who you really are, theses are the themes that make these dramas irresistible! But this time its reverse! What happens when a king ends up in the future on a girls rooftop? Well hopefully you have seen splash splash love this time its the king's turn to be the pauper!
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Both involve a female protagonist travelling back in time. They also become involved with important historical figures of that time and contribute in politics/strategies using their knowledge from the future.
Splash Splash LOVE is definitely a lot shorter, but it's worth a watch if you want something quick and succinct.
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Right from the beginning they seemed similar, both have the same main plot of time traveling, they're both cute, short and refreshing as well...
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Its similar in the sense girl goes back in time and has useful knowledge from the future.
However in faith which is a full length drama the guy is a general and girl is a doc. Its more mature vibe and has some supernatural stuff.
In Splash Splash which is 2 ep. the guy is the king, and the girl is in high school, overall the drama is really cute.
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feels very much like splash splash love similar vibe and timetravel of student and student sharing ideas with monarch who is someone that thinks differently , far ahead of his time , instant connection
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KIM SEULGI! To be honest, nothing common for the plot line except that they are short drama/specials. But if you like Kim Seul GI's sass and cuteness you will definitely enjoy this two drama. Her chemistry with all the actors is like omg omg omg. give her a full drama pls (better with doo joon)
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It's got the teleportation magic thingy between past and preset. The girl is also from the present. But splash splash love only has 2 episodes. Each episode are about an hour long though :) It's definitely enjoyable to watch.
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Both Historic/ Costume dramas
Both FLs time travels (in Queen of attack the FL rather travels into a historic drama plot)
In both the Leads meet each other in the present
Both MLs are King
Both FLs are students
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In Splash Splash Love, the story of Park Yeon and his musical life is told briefly.

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Both involve FL traveling back in time to a historical period. Lighthearted series, not too much drama.
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