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My favourite genre is romanceromanceromance
I also like historicals (i.e. period costumes) with their interesting culturally immersive settings, and will also seek out the occasional school or youth dramas. A good comedy is also welcome, especially if the humour is cleverly done.
I tend to prefer character-centric dramas over plot-centric dramas. 

I also prefer shows that have complex characters (e.g. characters who are grey, have flaws or problematic sides to them) but they demonstrate their troubled characters' growth trajectories over the course of the show. 
I find this sort of script or writing isn't that easy to find because to be able to write complex characters who are coherent, and whose motivations & decisions are understandable & believable (because there are sufficient indicators presented in the show) is not an easy thing for most scriptwriters to do. 

Human beings are complex creatures by nature, and shows (especially romances) that deal with weak & flawed humanity trying to make things work because of love is one of my absolute favourite stories out there.
I am a dropper. 
If a show doesn't seem to be clicking with me after a while, I tend to drop them and give them a rating of '3'.
I'm not really a generous rater.
My ratings are often based on a rather subjective mix of : 
personal enjoyment, 
depth of emotional investment, and 
level of appreciation for the story/ plots, aesthetics & music.
I like to write little Feed reviews of the shows I've watched since 2018.
A full record of them can be found under my lists but please note that lot of my older Feed reviews (i.e. those prior to mid-2022) have been hidden under the Friends Only filter.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of MyDramaList.
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