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bulgaria but mentally lost


bulgaria but mentally lost
hello, fellow drama watcher!~

you can call me nicks and i've been watching dramas since 2017 (feels like 20 years ago) my journey started with goblin, i went through different stages of insanity while watching korean dramas, then i discovered japanese dramas, but since they fucked up my mentality even more, i even started watching chinese historicals to give some pleasure to my eyes and peace to my mind. now i've grown up a bit, i watch whatever sparks up my interest, if it has some good cast i'll most likely watch it because noone has time for some empty expressions and bad acting. my hate for the love triangle trope is still present tho ;)

other than that, i'm 22, lost in life, still unsure about my future. :) i don't accept friend requests, sorry, if you want to befriend me, you can text me first. nothing personal, i just prefer my friends feed to be... a friends feed. i'm friendly, i promise~


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