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hell, where all the cool kids are


hell, where all the cool kids are

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organized chaos

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positively negative

Adult by age, teenager by brain, child at heart.

Reviewer still learning the craft.
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Zodiac sign: Dinosaur.
Eclectic watcher, easy dropper.
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As for using words to describe me, you may try, but few are as skilled as I am, I who hold the power, to sway the population of MDL, to mold them into a cult if I see fit, to lure them to oppas and geges, or to stir them away, lead them to enlightenment or not, all with stroke of a key.
Me by LuckyGirlGwenIce 

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25 Ji, Akasaka de
Omukae Shibuya-kun
Mystery to Iunakare
Give me all the pinning and soft angst. Episode 7 and 8 were probably my favorite and I wish we got to see more of Blondie's POV. 
It is adorable, but somehow the story is losing my focus. Would rather watch the BL they are filming than the drama itself. 

Love and Redemption

My Love Mix-Up!
I am unapologetically and ridiculously distracted by Cheng Yi's lips. I'm just tired with toddler like FL's because they make romance gross...
That's just pure adorable fluff. It's more animated and bubbly than japanese version, but in a fun and refreshing way.
Nirvana in Fire
The Double
My Sibling's Romance
Third time trying to watch it. Not gonna lie, for now it's fine. I'm obsessed, but I'm not mad about it as I was previous two times. 
One Duke Su to manhandle me please. Jokes aside, this is so addicting it's not even funny. I binged 15 episodes in one sitting. 

Why is this so fun and why did I start watching it so late? Love the siblings and their interactions a lot. Truly heartwarming program. 


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