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the divine realm ☁️


the divine realm ☁️

"Meeting you was the reward of my life."

- Goblin, Kim Shin|

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hi, i'm ari. 

 im an introvert that loves everything romance, gaming, music + having meaninful conversations about dramas 

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Falling into You

  • drama notes:  

    I thought FIY was a cute romance/sports drama. I’m already familiar with Wang An Yu and Gina Jin from past dramas so I knew their acting skills wouldn’t be a problem for me. Age gaps are not my favorite but the chemistry presented along with the comedy allowed for me to forget about it in some moments. The drawback to this drama is that the male lead is noticeably immature when handling conflict and that is prevalent throughout the entire show. However, I won’t ignore the many laughs I shared & the sweet moments that I enjoyed from the show. The steamy scenes as well are.. well..  ♡

  • rating: 8
“Don’t worry. No matter where I go or for how long, I will always remain linked. I dont know what the future holds for us, but I promise I will never abandon you.
- Duan Yu Cheng

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romance is my escape from an otherwise dull reality
dramas entered my life in 2012 through a Korean drama titled Playful Kiss.
I dislike rushed endings, uncomfy age gaps, love triangles & other shapes, played out amnesia tropes

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devil beside you

"I have a strong feeling that I will love you for the rest of my life."



the long ballad

"Someone once told me, I could walk around for I was a man. But I still can walk around as I'm a girl. No matter who you are ... you can be whoever you want.

 Li Changgu  

alchemy of souls

"You made my heart race. What you said holds a deeper meaning than I miss you. The cruel assassin has finally responded to my naive and sincere love confession.

 Jang Uk

love between fairy & devil

"You said she's a Jinx, but you don't know she saved my life. She looks weak and delicate but you don't know how brave she is. She's the bravest woman in all the three realms. She won't bring ruin. On the contrary, only she deserves to be the moon queen of Cangyea Sea."


love in the moonlight

Whether you see it from the palace or from Banchon, the moon is still the same right? Even if I am Crown Prince, and you are who you are, we will be alright wherever we are as long as our hearts feel the same. Just like the moon. 
 Lee Yeong "Crown Prince"


my journey to you

"I will resolutely stand by you. No matter in the past, at present or in the future. My choice is always you."

 Li Ziyu

who rules the world

"After I met you, my life has purpose. I don't know what my life would be like without you."

Hei FengXi

love like the galaxy

"Just one look and I knew, for the rest of my life it would only be you."

✿ Ling Bu Yi


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badge credit by rien|

"A'Ying, when the world is at peace, i will marry you."

Wonderland of Love, Li Ni|


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