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next to the FFWD button

Thanks for dropping by!

I am a binge watcher of romantic Asian dramas but at heart I am an otaku. Open to chat on anything anime related or if you need recommendations. 

❈  I have used MDL as an anonymous user for many many years but only recently joined this site. So I have a plethora of dramas that I haven't rated because I am lazy. Mainly Japanese & Korean.

❈  Favourite Dramas (solely based on the criteria that I find them enjoyable & rewatch-able) -


❈ I watch something from all genres but have a problem with characters that have no backbone. This is prevalent in most dramas where the FLs ARE all of '3-years old'. 

Childish/Dumb + Beautiful Girl = I take it as a personal insult! I will drop this show or sometimes if I am really annoyed I will watch it till the end and give a blistering review.

Also, Green Teas and White Lotuses annoy the crap out of me. If a villain is either of the aforementioned and stars in the drama for too long then I'll probably drop that hot mess asap or shower with a blistering review (Yes, ALP I'm talking about your kind!). 

❈  First drama that I ever watched - Oshin 

A legendary asadora about a Japanese woman during the 1900s and the hardships she faces in her journey through life as she becomes a super rich businesswoman. 

I highly recommend people to watch this if you are a fan of melodramas, historical settings, romanticism, woman empowerment, family issues. You have no idea what you are missing on if you haven't seen this!

8 - 9
Good shows to watch.
7 - 8Can do better!
< 6Not worth my time. Typically dropped.
❈  My reviews depend on my mood and the rating scale is relative, depending on the genre. If I feel like watching fluff I will rate the show based on fluff ratings.

This means a crime/suspense show gets rated differently as opposed to a rom-com or a horror/thriller, etc. Same goes for drama produced country to country.....

I am what you'd call सनकी/sanakī/eccentric. Also, open to befriending person/s of all ages & genders as long as we have interacted. Being almost a fossil (sarcasm) I defnitely have a different perspective from yours. I'm hardly cool.

Clubs I'm part of:

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That's all Folks!
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This world would be a better place if everyone can show a bit of courtesy 

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