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A Brief Intro
I've been watching movies and TV for as long as I can remember.

As far as Asian content is concerned, started with SG and HK dramas with weekly episodes broadcast on terrestrial television.  Watching once weekly soon became more frequent with the availability of video tapes for rent.  Eventually the video tapes were replaced by LDs, then CDs and finally DVDs, thus improving the viewing  quality of the content and raising the enjoyment levels exponentially.

Thanks to technology, these days with the internet, having access to wider contents from more cultures has never been easier. Viewing habits drastically changed as well. Now you could watch anything, whenever and wherever.

Speaking of wherever, I'm from the island of Borneo, by the way  :)
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Ratings & Reviews
For dropped productions, I only assign ratings if I have watched at least 50% of the content.

I try to write a full review for everything that I have watched, except for short films, documentaries, specials and those that I have dropped.  For these, I would briefly share my thoughts in Friends Feeds

My ratings are based on 2 main criteria:

Objective (Technical) - Production Quality & Values, Screenplay, Direction, Choreography, Art Direction, Cinematography, Acting & Casting, Editing, Sound & Music 

Subjective (Non-technical) - Happiness Index, Stress Test, Satisfaction Level 

I am not a professional reviewer and generally I can be quite forgiving and generous in my ratings, for which I sometimes award additional 0.5 basis points
8.0Above Average
7.0 - 7.5Mediocre
6.0 - 6.5Substandard
5.0 - 5.5Poor
< 5.0Diabolical
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