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xue er

chicken nugget land

xue er

chicken nugget land

hewooo i'm xue ling/iris

won't be online for a period of time, sorry for not replying!

      hello! i've been watching chinese, singaporean and tvb dramas with my family on tv ever since i can remember but started watching dramas that weren't on tv? a few years ago.

      i'm very friendly and a huge social butterfly so feel free to message me ahahaha. my age is somewhere between 2000-2010, i speak 4 languages english, chinese, teochew and khmer and currently trying to learn korean TˆT

subscribe to my youtube channel: caramelony (cpop/cdrama edits)

latest video: luo xiang x su qing zhu ~ day breaker

i like about everything ahahhaha but first off

i love babies <3

these two babies are fashion babies from xiaohongshu and i love them so much they're literally my laptop and phone wallpaper ahahhaha

my favorites <33333

Hu Xian Xu

Zhou Yu Tong

surprise surprise, it's not ouyang nana and zhang zifeng, i love them but i like these two more ahahah 

cpop and kpop (i stan every group in the cpop industry but these are my favs)





YUEHUA FAMILY (NEX7, XIE NA, CHENG XIAO, MEIQI, XUANYI, ARIA, YIBO, VIVI, YIREN, YHBOYS)and last but not least, happy camp family <3 happy family is gone but will stay with me forever :(

favorite cdrama/kdrama

He is PsychometricOur Beloved Summer
Go AheadRookie CopHappinessDay Breaker

Binary LoveSee You TomorrowA Business Proposaleh...?

friendships and relationships in the industry i adore a lot (excluding groups)

Wang Yibo waiting to go off the stage with Cheng Xiao <3!!
Lareina Song & 
Leo Wu=Friendship Goals TˆT
Zhou Yu Tong and Xiao Zhan being each others support <3
Sun Yi, Dong Zi Jian and their daughter Dong Dafu TˆT
Nabi and Fei Yu!!!
Luhan and Guan Xiao Tong TˆT
Xia Zhi Guang & Zhong Li Li <3
Xiao Zhan lifting Yang Zi's dress ! ! !
Qian Xi & Xian Xu
Three Pretty Best Friends~ Teresa Li, Sabrina & Han Zhi
Wu Lei, Olivia Jiang & Sophie Zhang
Beijing Academy Friendship Goals Yan Xu Jia, Zhou Qi, Guo Zi Fan & Victor Liu
Tiffany Tang being Yang Mi's one and only bridesmaid TˆT
They're actually so cute together like Zhou Ye's fans need to back off :(
Yang Zi and Zhang Yi Shan= Best of the Best Friends
He Luo Luo, 
Yang Chao Yue 
and Justin <3
Zi Feng, Xiao Mai & Xian Xu
Jing Boran, Jackson & Xiao Bai
Liu Hao Ran, 
Karry Wang and 
Dong Zi Jian <3

outside of the drama world

anime (i've watched like 5 anime but yea naruto's my favorite forever <3)


marvel/dci enjoy watching marvel movies more then dc ones ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ and like the only dc show i still watch now is dc superhero girls ahahah

taylor swift and selena gomez is life <3

barbies and nickelodeon, cartoon network and disney shows <3 

they were practically my whole childhood <3, i was obsessed but i barely watch it now :(

currently reading (obssesing over- )


*these two books are without a doubt two of my favorite books out there*

i love reading, especially romance, i love novels, xiaoshuo (小说), wattpad, mangas, manhwa, manhua and most of the things on webtoon and kuaikanmanhua ahahah. my goodread <3 *made new account because forgot old account password ahahahah*

i love writing!! currently have an article and more to come <3 check it out <3


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