My Tooth Your Love Épisode 1

8.0/10 from 42 users
Oct 14, 2022
A bar-restaurant owner by profession, Bai Lang finds himself facing his most dreaded fear when his sister drags him to the dentist to get treated for his toothache. At the clinic,… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 2

8.0/10 from 40 users
Oct 14, 2022
The following day, Bai Lang decides to prepare a special seafood risotto to express his sincere gratitude to Jin Xun An. However, upon offering the meal to Jin Xun An, all he receives… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 3

8.2/10 from 39 users
Oct 21, 2022
One evening as the bar is going about its usual round of business, one of Bai Lang's employees, Alex, finds himself in a situation he never saw coming when one of the customers takes… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 4

8.1/10 from 31 users
Oct 28, 2022
In a surprising turn of events, RJ is now hired to work alongside Alex at the bar who appears to take a particular interest in guiding him. In the meantime, Jin Xun An seems to have… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 5

8.3/10 from 36 users
Nov 04, 2022
Upon learning Jin Xun An had been emotionally hurt in the past, Bai Lang becomes adamant about uncovering the reason behind it. Meanwhile, Big A, the youngest dentist at Jin Xun An's… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 6

8.3/10 from 37 users
Nov 11, 2022
In a relationship that seems to be edging closer and closer, Bai Lang decides to tell Jin Xun An about his fears and anxieties regarding dentists. And just as Jin Xun An is trying… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 7

8.1/10 from 30 users
Nov 18, 2022
In a strange twist of fate, a man who was once in a relationship with Jin Xun An suddenly makes a reappearance in his life. Will this "lover from the past" become an obstacle to the… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 8

8.4/10 from 36 users
Nov 25, 2022
As Bai Lang notices that Jin Xun An has once again begun to reconnect with his former lover, he finally begins to understand the feelings he has been harboring for the man he is in… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 9

8.7/10 from 42 users
Dec 02, 2022
In order to show his genuine sincerity to Jin Xun An, Bai Lang begins to take many considerate steps. Will Jin Xun An feel touched by his actions? (Source: TVDb)

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 10

8.5/10 from 33 users
Dec 09, 2022
The easy relationship between Jin Xun An and Bai Lang kickstarts their coupled life together, but Bai Lang's sister feels worried about the developments. (Source: TVDb)

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 11

7.8/10 from 30 users
Dec 16, 2022
Even though the relationship between Jin Xun An and Bai Lang has become very stable, their busy lives means the two of them have few opportunities to get together, and this affects… read more

My Tooth Your Love Épisode 12

7.5/10 from 26 users
Dec 20, 2022
Jin Xun An decides to take Bai Lang home to finally meet his family. Facing Jin Xun An's stern father, does Bai Lang have what it takes to win him over? (Source: GagaOOLala)

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