Well, they don't really have similar plots, but if you are into dentists, both shows have dentist male leads...

Recommandé par shalala
Bl love story between the dentist and the patient. Very cute characters, a lot of shenanigans. Sweet tooth isn't even out yet, but it seems like a remake of My Tooth your love even judging by the trailer.
Recommandé par Sheherezada
Both of these BL dramas follow a lead with trauma, who is gun-shy/reluctant to enter into a new relationship. As part of the trauma, the lead presents a fear of the dark and a lot of insecurity. Both dramas also have a nice push-and-pull flirtatious dynamic between the two romantic leads, as well as the beginnings of a romance plot between their coworkers.
Recommandé par AthenaTheStorierX
Both series revolve around chefs and their partners helping one another overcome personal/professional hurdles. They are both cute and have a domesticated vibe making them a comfortable watch. These fluffs are cute, have good chemistry, nice OST and relatable plot with mature thinking characters.
Recommandé par DramaLifeForever
The "second" story in Love In the Air have a traumatic past and is the reason why he doesn't want to fall in love, same with My Tooth Your Love. Though My Tooth Your Love is more on the light story, Love in the Air is more on the adult/matured side
Recommandé par jazme
The couples are not the conventional type as seen in this drama apart from the same gender. It is warm and can make you feel a lot of different things at the same time
Recommandé par Kaze Gale
Although these shows have different plots, they somehow have a similar "vibe". Both are very wholesome (but be prepared for some angst).

Thery're about people who find love later in life - no silly college romance. Since the characters are mature, their relationships are also more mature. Together they find happines. Besides loving the other person, they learn to love themselves too. Even if these feeling scare them at first.

Also, food and cooking are quite important in both MTYL and OFC!

Recommandé par itacze
they are both just cute and fluffy cutie pie was just better with side couples and I would recommend cutie pie to people who liked my tooth your love.
Recommandé par Wolfstarforever_4
Similar setting with Dr and patient both are cute with funny moments and light hearted.

no toxic behaviours
Recommandé par CosmicLouise777
Also Taiwanese but has the same kind of formatting and story telling. Both of them are slow romances with exes who pop up unnecessarily
Recommandé par Juan
Also Taiwanese but has the same kind of formatting and story telling. Both of them are slow romances with exes who pop up unnecessarily
Recommandé par Chelsea Black
There are quite some similarities between these two:
? Both MLs are dentists
? Both MLs fell in love with their patients
? The chemistry of the leads from both shows are cute.
? The supporting characters/couples are awesome and cute

Lots of cuteness and happiness all around. Definitely recommend this drama! ??
Recommandé par Oppa-kiss-me
Both are Taiwanese BL.
Both have couples who are really comfortable with each other
no cringey or awkward scenes
Recommandé par bananacookie
Café setting, reluctant falling in love, easy flowing dynamics, humour, some heartbreak. These two shows feel very similar to me and I enjoyed the laidback tone of both.
Recommandé par downtherabbithole
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