While I was watching Beyond Evil, it reminded me of Nobody Knows in the way the story unravels itself. Both are more slow-paced crime/mystery dramas. Both shows also revolve around one serial killer whose first case was over 20 years ago but who seemingly returned now. The leads who are investigating also have a personal reason as to why they are working on that specific case. Also, neither of the two shows have a romance subplot.

While they also have plenty of differences to make both of the shows very interesting, if you liked the pace and depth of the story of one of these shows, I think you might like the other as well.
Recommandé par Aurora
There's just one case that well built. The one serial case has a deeper truth hiding behind it. The leads at first didn't trust each other, and even one of them might be the suspect. As we continue, the drama will reveal the truth with good storytelling.

Is it dark? Not as dark as Beyond Evil, but it is.
Is it makes us use our detective brain? Totally.
The difference of Stranger is there are prosecutors related.
Still, it's worth watching tho.
Recommandé par itsyooya
The Neighborhood.

It's just so precious of a feeling when you know they all are gonna protect each and fight for each other till the very end.

To add to that, our main characters (Dong Shik and Dong Hoon) are one of the kindest people around with people leaning on them for emotional tangible support, even tho they have already been through a lot, they don't complain and are doing their very best to get through all the hardship, suffering by themselves.
Recommandé par Rawa
these two show are siblings! They start the same storyline, our police boy suspects other one about murder someone etc. Both show is bl/bromance with dark scent (Beyond evil is darkest of course)
Recommandé par akdage
- both played by yeo jin goo
- both involve ordinary police rather than detectives
- townspeople are equally suspicious and could be added to the suspect list
- both lost their younger sister when they were young
Recommandé par kurir jne
Both are crime and thriller. There is no romance. The need to find the unknown mastermind behind all that is happening, for all the killings. The villain in both the kdramas are both connected with the main hero.
Recommandé par DeobiMars
Intrigue, thriller and two partners with different life worldviews team up to find out a truth about a shocking incident
Recommandé par kasumii
Psychological thriller
Possibility of Main lead being the killer
Doesn't hold back in terms of gore
Dark theme/colors
Main lead is a cop/detective
Killer has a particular M.O.
Recommandé par A.n.
The plot and setting is not exactly the same . But A Policeman Solving an old mystery with his new partner, who turns slowly from a distrusting acquaintance into a close friend -- feels same as Beyond Evil.
Recommandé par ChandChan
While watching this drama, the drama My Mister came to my mind at some moments. The bonds of city dwellers with each other and the detective new to the city reminded me of the drama My Mister. The anger-love relationship between two people, old and young, was also familiar to me. But there are distinct differences between them. If you liked My Mister and you also like thrillers, you should watch this drama.
Recommandé par Koreanjustdaisy
Jisung and Shin Ha Kyun's characters present a somewhat similar conflict towards their respective counterparts, Jinyoung and Yeo Jin Goo. The plot and production are thrilling plus the power struggle of the rich and law enforcement concepts overlap in some parts while saving them their own charms. A must watch!
Recommandé par sarah2112amlan
Both stories are dark and the relationship between the two leads developed from hating each other to full cooperation.
Recommandé par n_dos
They both have similar concepts. Also, a serial killer related to the protagonist/antagonists.
In similar by they both related to law. Many of the characters both have secrets together. Both have a main chacater that you can't tell if they are good or evil.
Recommandé par BINU
Similar atmosphere of a slow burn mystery rather than a fast paced thriller. There are suspicions and mind games at play in both. If you like one, you'll enjoy the other. Which one of the two a person will prefer, is upto individual taste.
Recommandé par TanyalovMusic
Both are dramas that focus on solving murders/revenge etc. Some scenes in beyond evil reminded me of blind
Recommandé par minmin
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