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Cha Young Jin est inspectrice. Elle a perdu une de ses amies, victime d'un tueur en série, 19 ans plus tôt. Cha Young Jin porte toujours en elle, la culpabilité et le traumatisme de la mort de son amie. C'est alors que les meurtres reprennent. En parallèle, Eun Ho, son voisin, chute d'un toit et sombre dans le coma. La nuit précédent l'accident, le jeune homme était venu la voir pour se confier mais elle n'avait pas le temps de l'écouter. Sun Woo, le professeur principal d'Eun Ho s'en voulant de n'avoir rien fait, décide de lui apporter son aide. En effet, depuis quelques temps, l'adolescent semblait perturbé et renfermé sur lui-même. Mais que cachait-il ? Cha Young Jin arrivera-t-elle à atteindre son objectif et retrouver le tueur de son amie d'enfance ? (Source: Modifier la traduction

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  • Pays: South Korea
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: mars 2, 2020 - avril 21, 2020
  • Diffusé Sur: Lundi, Mardi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: SBS
  • Durée: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Score: 8.5 (scored by 4,946 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #557
  • Popularité: #791
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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avril 21, 2020
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 1
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 10
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musique 9.5
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0
I rarely ever write reviews and can never find the time for them but this one deserves one. It never got the spotlight or attention it truly deserved and now that it is over, I plan to give it the recognition that is due.

Through this story, I have realized what separates Asian movies from Western ones. While Western ones are built upon conflict, Asian ones are focused on relations and interaction. The difference is glaring. How one takes out the enemy versus how one changes because of the enemy. This story is the latter.

This story is one that I watched every week, enduring the cliffhangers and thirst for the truth. One where I would go on this site after ever episode, checking other people's comments and opinions. One where I checked dramabean after every update to see minds at work and passionate discussions. Besides anime, I have never done this in my life and I did not regret it. With these types of mysteries, it is hard to move the story along or make a good ending but this did just that. Even when you think the story isn't moving, it is and with every seemingly unimportant shot can be the answer to the mystery.

The cinematography took my breath away, sank my eyes deep into that world as it showed me a story. The attention to detail, the beautiful transitions between episodes and the episode numbers!! (If you have watched, you know what I'm talking about. ) The attention and work put into something most viewers wouldn't even catch, my respects to all that worked on this project.

The music was not an independent variable in this production but was an element that enhanced the story. It was the natural background that fits with every scene. It was never placed incorrectly or never stole the spotlight. It simply did its part. I could listen to this drama OST for the rest of my life and not be tired. I went to look for the 1-hour version right after release.

The actors, Oh my. I have been keeping a watchful eye on Kim Seo Hyung since Sky Castle and her role as Young-Jin really left a mark on me. I forgot she even played that role after watching this. I now can only see her as Young Jin. You kind of have to watch for yourself to believe it but everyone's acting was amazing. From someone's eye, the change in emotion can be traced. Not one of these actors made me think of their roles beyond this drama. Their character, persona sunk deep. Their ability to bring a written character to life like that amazes me.

I know the mystery killer kinda plot isn't everyone's cup of tea, and it doesn't have to be. BUT if you are even a little bit interested in witnessing the growth and relationship of these people, I say give it a watch. I think for all those who have watched, it wasn't a disappointment or a waste of time. The lessons and takeaways being told through an adult and child stick and kind of mess you up. It slaps the problems of the world in your face and forces you to acknowledge their existence. AND so, I implore you, give it a chance. Maybe, it will change you too.

To avoid making this longer...I will leave this with that. I hope it enlightens your soul :)

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71 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
avril 22, 2020
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 10
Histoire 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10
I think one thing people should keep in mind before starting this is that this is not the typical fast paced crime drama. their main objective was not finding clues each week or having episodic stand alone crimes that distract them from the main "guy" until the last ep. it was not a competition between the good vs the bad, it was not a chase.

everything in this drama revolved around each other, everything was somewhat connected, one thing led to another and slowly they'd reveal the big picture inside the big picture.

Cha Young Jin is one of my favorite characters, not just as a female. she was the best detective I've ever seen. the past trauma didn't make her cold, reserved and jaded. she was a human. she cried, she smiled, she listened, she empathized, she admitted her mistakes and she asked for help when she had to.
most crime show detectives are the complete opposite that they just feel robotic, plus 99% of them blend into one giant cold lone wolf with anger issues ;)
she was kinda too skinny, but I think she had great technique during her fight scenes that made it believable (and so hot), I mean bones are sharp and strong enough to hurt right? xD
also, she has ruined every crime drama male lead out there, no one will be able to surpass her. *cue My Sassy Girl ost*

Lee Sun Woo, our "male lead" had the opposite role from our active detective. he was a teacher so of course he couldn't investigate, and in some ways he took the role that is usually thrown at women in crime dramas, he had to stand in the side lines waiting like everyone else.
but he was still a great guy. he learned from his mistakes and he genuinely cared for his students and he came out of this a better man.

Go Eun Ho was just SUNSHINE! and the glue that stuck this drama together, the "core" of this drama.
also the detective team were awesome, each member was unique, though I wish they gave them a little more screentime ;(

Baek Sang Ho... he was so intriguing... he was such a complex character. he "saved" people by exploiting/healing their biggest scar, and then he used them dry.. the ending of this drama and their team was so so sad and heartbreaking, and his laughs were chilling.

usually, without spoiling anything, I hate crime drama endings becasue everyone just dies and the rest simply move on. but this was such a satisfactory well rounded ending I couldn't help but cry for Baek Sang Ho's end..

the ost was beautiful and rather than rewatching I hope for a second season, but this was the 1st crime drama I enjoyed in almost 4 or 2 years that I might actually rewatch it again knowing what I know now

rewatching this I had forgotten about some details regarding the incidents, the biggest impactful details for me were the unexpected friendships vs the manipulative relationships

but during this rewatch I was more interested in the twisted relationships of the villains, it wasn't really a cult thing, but the greed, the psychopathness and the love of control was the driving force

as a story, usually mystery dramas had that thing, here as "where is the lost book", that seems to be the solution to everything, and once they reach it, it becomes a anticlimactic fast wrap up story
for this, they had a clear, search, found and a real after effect of what that book contained.

as a villain, it was actually really sad, especially when he thought "what if cha youngjin had found me" while also giving a sad ending of him not only being punished by going back to his worse nightmare but also the satisfaction of him not just dying and actually getting a punishment worthy of his evil deeds.

Seo Sang Won was a psychopath, his father was greedy for power and money that he didn't care for the havoc his son made but instead he used it and the kids Seo Sang Won had to increase his region of power.
his sister was fully just greedy for the money and Jang Gi Ho tho lost in his father's haze still had the least evil conception of their cult

usually the villain team becomes annoying but here the love and suffocating control Baek Sang Ho had on them not only made them want to rebel but it gave the trio their own bonding that outpowered their fear of Baek Sang Ho

Baek Sang Ho being twisted as a kid, using the murder of cha youngjin's friend as his stepping stone to outpower his dad and break away from his hold while also still becoming twisted enough to enjoy the chase and obsession left in cha youngjin's heart.
his final laugh was taunting tho I do wish it was longer to fully showcase the devastation in his downfall
overall I wish they gave a bit more screen time to the villains fears and darkness a bit more

one of the things I loved about cha youngjin wasn't just her kickass, independent, smart leading boss lady persona but also her strength in showing weakness, vulnerability and tears, not as an attempt to make her "feminine" but as a way to show her as a human, as apposed to a "traumatic" male lead

I also adored Lee Sun Woo's position as what would usually be the female lead, but in a way again as to not "threaten" his "masculinity" but in a way to make him a great caregiver and sweetness that was lacking in "what a man should be like"

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  • Drama: Nobody Knows
  • Pays: Corée du Sud
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: mars 2, 2020 - avril 21, 2020
  • Diffusé On: Lundi, Mardi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: SBS
  • Durée: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Adolescents de 15 ans ou plus


  • Score: 8.5 (marqué par 4,946 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #557
  • Popularité: #791
  • Téléspectateurs: 20,127

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