par lo_ve, janvier 12, 2023

WEi's Kim Yo Han will reportedly return to acting with "The Sense."

Several media outlets reported on January 12 that Kim Yo Han will be joining Han Ye Ri in the upcoming Netflix original series titled "The Sense." 

Kim Yo Han's agency OUI Entertainment confirmed that the idol actor did receive the offer and he is positively considering starring in the upcoming K-drama. 

If Kim Yo Han confirms his appearance, this will be his comeback to acting after two years. He last starred in the K-drama "School 2021" with Choo Young Woo, Jo Yi Hyun, Hwang Bo Reum Byeol, Kim Kang Min, Seo Hee Seon, Jun Suk Ho, and more. 

Kim Yo Han began his acting career in 2020. He was part of the K-drama "Zombie Detective" in a guest role. In the same year, Kim Yo Han got his first leading role through the Korean remake K-drama "A Love So Beautiful." 

In 2021, he also appeared in two K-dramas such as "Mouse" and "School 2021."

Last year, Kim Yo Han became more active in his role as a WEi member and also in variety shows. Kim Yo Han participated in the comeback of WEi. He also hosted the dating program "Love Catcher in Bali" and guested in several shows such as "Hidden Singer Season 7," "Midnight Horror Story Season 2," "Idol's Snack Spree," and more. 

"The Sense" is an academy occult K-drama that will tell the story of the Shinyoung Catholic High School students and a mysterious teacher and how they will deal with a great evil spirit that has awakened after 10 years. 

The upcoming series will be helmed by director Lee Jung Heum ("Inspector Koo," "Nobody Knows," "Falsify," and "I've Got My Eye on You").

Han Ye Ri first got the offer to star in the upcoming series and she is also currently reviewing the offer. 

"The Sense" will be produced by High Zium Studio and High Ground. It will exclusively premiere on Netflix. There are no official details yet on the premiere date. 


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