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Sang Mi et sa famille déménage dans la ville de Muji-gun, où elle n'a aucun amis ni connaissances. Là-bas, elle y rencontre quatre jeunes hommes, Han Sang Hwan, Seok Dong Cheol, Woo Jung Hoon, et Choi Man Hee. Lorsque Sang Mi et sa famille font face à des problèmes, le Père spirituel Baek Jung Ki de Goosunwon propose de les aider. Toutefois, sa famille est petit à petit intégré dans une sorte de culte religieux ; et les quatre jeunes hommes vont essayer de les aider. (Source: MyDramaList) ~~ Adaptation d'un webtoon coréen Out of the World de Jo Geum-san. Modifier la traduction

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  • 한국어
  • 中文(简体)
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  • Pays: South Korea
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: août 5, 2017 - sept. 24, 2017
  • Diffusé Sur: Samedi, Dimanche
  • Station de diffusion initiale: OCN
  • Durée: 60 min.
  • Score: 8.5 (scored by 25,612 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #573
  • Popularité: #125
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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sept. 24, 2017
16 épisodes vus sur 16
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Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 6.0
You know a drama’s gonna be lit when it makes you feel all types of emotions….

note: low rewatch value because watching it more than once might raise your blood pressure too much.

Save Me isn’t your average kdrama. I haven’t seen anything like it before. According to some sources, this is the first kdrama that explores the issues of religious cults. I actually started watching this drama the week before it ended, and finished all available 14 episodes in less than two days. Yes, it was that good. For many viewers, myself included, it was kinda slow in the beginning. I was hooked right from the start since each episode was gripping, but the drama didn’t warm up for me until ep 9 (yes, a bit late into the drama, but it’s totally worth it).

*claps* The cast is AMAZING. I can’t believe the actor of Dong Cheol, Woo Do Hwan, is a rookie. He’s so good. His facial expressions (his eyes!), his body language, and everything else shows exactly what he’s thinking. Definitely will be following his upcoming works. I wasn’t a fan of Seo Ye Ji, but that completely changed when I watched this drama (her voice is so rich). Taecyeon was lovely as usual, but Do Hwan completely stole the show for me. I loved the bromance between the four guys. The supporting cast also did a great job; each character had a story and helped keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the drama. btw there isn’t really a romance storyline, but definitely lots of shipping ;-)

There were a few scenes that made me a bit uncomfortable, but other than that, I absolutely loved this show. On the same note, this drama isn’t for everybody, since it tackles darker issues. I’ve been disappointed numerous times by the kdramas this year, but Save Me definitely saved the year (no pun intended). Save Me is one of my favs this year, along with Defendant, Duel, and Avengers Social Club. I don’t think I’ve been this emotionally invested in a kdrama before, and I’m sad that it has ended… will definitely miss the cast of Save Me.

The final verdict: not for everyone, but it’s an amazing drama that dives into darker topics

This is the first religious cult kdrama, so there’s nothing similar to it, but here are a few psychological dramas:
- Liar Game (kdrama)
- I Remember You
- Defendant (“Apostle Jo” is also in this one, but he’s a good guy :D)
- Mad Dog (not psychological, but stars Woo Do Hwan (!!); airs later this year)

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57 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
sept. 24, 2017
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musique 7.5
Degrés de Re-visionnage 6.5
I started this drama with no expectations, I was very impressed with the writer’s ability to maintain such thrilling moments and cliff hanger endings all the way to the final act. Each character felt like a key player in the story no matter how minor their role, when they had their moment on screen you are waiting for them to take action against the Cult. As the conflict and pressure to save Sang Mi became the focal point and as the title describes “Save Me” the boys from her brief past in what was her new high school, rise up to the occasion. There are many unlikeable characters scattered throughout this drama that may really make a viewer frustrated and anxious to see the good guys appear and use their smarts in this game of Religious Cult vs. Normal citizens who can see through the facade of the Cult's conman ways. This is not a romance drama, but there is a strong sense of friendship, and just how strong a child’s love for their parent can be is theme throughout but sadly also mixed with a theme of betrayals by parents you trust.

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  • Drama: Save Me
  • Pays: Corée du Sud
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: août 5, 2017 - sept. 24, 2017
  • Diffusé On: Samedi, Dimanche
  • Station de diffusion initiale: OCN
  • Durée: 60 min.
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Adolescents de 15 ans ou plus


  • Score: 8.5 (marqué par 25,612 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #573
  • Popularité: #125
  • Téléspectateurs: 68,760

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