In both dramas a group of people find themselves at a strange place without any way to contact their home or families. They are trying to survive and find a way back while forming their own social dynamics within their group.
Recommandé par ccbai
When a tsunami strands dozens of teens on an island at their private school, they soon realize no rescuers are coming and they must save themselves. (Source: Netflix)
Recommandé par idontevenknow
Dystopian future following a natural disaster
Politics developing rivalries
Fight for survival after a disaster
Recommandé par Silver_Sylphy
the characters are teens with love problems experiencing odd event. the overall vibes are similar, both great dramas.
Recommandé par Twenty
Because the context is out of the ordinary, this film and this series can be related. Without forgetting the main actor, Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan that we also find in the series.
Recommandé par EmeAlex
Similar vibes and both are set on an island where they are stranded. Though Remember 15 is a fair bit more violent so far.
Recommandé par KitsuneMoon
Both are 2019 Thai projects.
Both have thriller, mystery, drama, supernatural elements.
Really well done and have the same vibe to them.
Anyway if you've seen one then you'll most likely like the other as well.
Recommandé par Dollmac
Disclaimer i havent watched all the episodes for the drama alice in boarderland

Both netflix original
Both have death
Both have a certain amount of people
Both are about survival and trying to maintain
Both have a person thats foot is hurt by something
Both are about teamwork
Both characters in the dramas are stuck somewhere
Recommandé par Sophie blank
They are both survival dramas that take place at the island. There's also a mystery going around and possible romance.
Recommandé par Ceki
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