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♪ 。*.  Hello! Welcome to my profile! 。*・♪ 

My first expierence with this world was in 2011. A friend who is not here at the time listened a lot of k-pop and at that time she recommended me watching the movie Attack on the Pin-up Boys because yes, Super Junior was her favorite group. In the end after much insistence I ended up watching the movie and I fell in love with Super Junior. And then it was when I entered to the world of k-pop. At the end of that year was when I saw my first kdrama. To be honest, since then I didn't watch many dramas, but now here I am eight years later in Dramaland being a drama addict because IvyButton's fault

1st Drama (2011) - Boys Over Flowers
50th Drama (2019) -
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
100th Drama (2020) - Moon Embracing the Sun
150th Drama (2021) - I Told Sunset about You
200th Drama (2022) - The King's Affection
250th Drama (2022) - Big Mouth
300th Drama (2023) - Destined with You

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I have liked movies since I was little, and when I grew up a bit I also got into the world of series. However, despite having seen a couple of animes in my childhood, it was not until about 2017 that I got into it

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I will not give ratings below 5 because I enjoy  everything I see.
This rating system is just my opinion.


My firsts

Boys Over Flowers
UnnaturalDeath Note
Chinese Accidentally in LoveDragon Blade
ThaiMake it Right: The SeriesNight of Love
Skip Beat!Your Name Engraved Herein
Hong Kong
The Accidental Spy
GameboysGameboys: The Movie


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I still can't get over these


I love music. I don't think I could live without music.
I Love all type of genres (almost) and I
 collect CDs and OSTs from movies.

-Drama OST's I Like-


My favorite K-pop groups:


... Bio still in progress


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