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Sudarsh The Earth_Lover


Sudarsh The Earth_Lover



Name:  Sudarsh (My full name will be lengthy and hard to pronounce, so let's settle with this name...) 

Age: Turning into an ajhumma from agasshi.. 

About me: 

A chatty box who is lazy and dumb. Married to a wonderful human being and wish to live my life to the fullest with him. I'm not on the MDL frequently and I'm grateful to all my friends here who give me wonderful suggestions, clarify my doubts and chat about dramas tho I'm rarely active. I'm trying to be more active from this new year (New year resolution?! :D)

Completed my very first challenge: watch drama challenge - 2019

2020 ongoing challenges:


My Drama Watching Journey:

Mainly watch Korean dramas and occasionally other country dramas come in my way.

My love for korean dramas started in 2015 at my friend's house. 

My First Drama

Secret Garden is my gateway to the dramaland and wow! I enjoyed it to the core. It gave me a whole new experience different from the regular dramas I watch. Intoxicated me, checked other korean dramas as well and there were even better ones!!!! From then I never looked back to any other means of entertainment and love this new hobby a lot! I'm still thankful to my friend who introduced kdramas to me. 

Genres I love to watch


Genres I prefer to watch (tho not my favorite...)

Genres I  Hate to watch


When it comes to rating not only I'm subjective but also very generous. Those who see my dramalist will find out that I gave many 10s and 9s. I'm not so easy to be pleased but if I love a drama I'll go all the way to rate it better despite it's flaws. Sorry. That's my Achilles heel.


10Amazing. Loved everything. The Best. Period.
9 - 9.5Excellent. Still had some minor issues.
8 - 8.5Great. Few disappointments. Enjoyed it tho...
7 - 7.5Loved it. Just a few major issues that are hard to ignore.
6 - 6.5Okay to watch. Nothing really great.
5 - 5.5Huge disappointment. What am I even doing here?
0 - 5Who are they to waste my time? Arghhhhhh

I love to know new people and it's always great to have friends. Preferences always differ. But don't you think that only makes our life colorful?  Feel free to send friend request.  And finally...

Thank you for visiting my profile!!!


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