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Chapter 18: INFP or whatever.

Jo here, I'm 18 and from India. I'm a pre-med student who loves reading and has an inexplicable fondness for scented candles. I'm too spontaneous for my own good, but what's the fun in playing it safe, right? oh and my MBTI is INFP i think (i couldn't care less but I want to include it in my profile anyways). i do accept all friend requests here and answer DMs. 

i like to watch audition programs, it could get stressful but it's entertaining so it's all good lmao. also i love witnessing their raw passion and in the journey of rooting for them, i get inspired to work just a bit harder towards my goals as well. as for dramas, I'm more of romance watcher/reader but I'm down for anything if it's good.

kind of an overthinker who feels her days are long and years are short.

well that was a boring self introduction nobody asked for and anyways here's a bit about my drama journey: my friend in middle school (2018 ig) recommendated me to watch Kdramas but I found the episodes to be very long (it was 20 min) and somehow found myself binge watching Cdramas instead. one series led to another and well here we are! as for ratings, i don't have a rigid system it's all about my mood. my ADHD brain might hate a "masterpiece" and love a cookbook, you'll never know.

oh and let's not forget about k-pop. while i used to be a multistan, now i only stan Seventeen. love them all, but maybe a bit Seungkwan biased rn <3. also, Going Seventeen & Nana Tour >>> therapy. overall i think I'm nearing the end of my kpop era, but hey it's fun while it lasts. I'm truly almost nearing the shore with hallyu wave tho.

it's been like 4 yrs since I joined MDL, and i still have no idea how to add pictures or gifs here. trust me I tried, i really did but it somehow ends up so crappy. ig a thousand words are better than one pic. and if you couldn't tell already, i ramble. a lot. sometimes I do *try* writing reviews for shows i really liked so you can check some of them :) if you've read until here i just have one thing to ask you...

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