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My journey into Asian entertainment began in  the early 1980's when I started watching "Star Blazers."  My girls growing up would read a lot of manga and watch a lot of anime so in the 1990's I moved from Disney's Ariel to Totoro.   I watch dramas as a vacation from reality.  If the drama/movie starts to irritate me like my children, husband, and colleagues I will stop watching it or fast forward so I can see what kind of miracle the writer created to end the train wreck of a drama/movie. There are some dramas I really enjoy watching over and over even thought they may not be the most popular dramas. 

My ratings for dramas are all over the place.  It is dependent on how I'm feeling at the time.  If I have to fast forward any part it automatically loses a star.  Sometimes I will go back and rewatch a drama/movie and redo my rating.  I always make notes on why I rated it the way I did, so if you want to know why I loved/hated your favorite/worst drama I can tell you. 


  • 0-5, I don't even use these numbers because I've dropped it by then or the drama/movie is too weird that I can't rate it
  • 5-6, I finished it and it sucked
  • 7-8,  This is where most dramas will land, its average, nothing exciting but nothing terrible. Most of the time I don't even remember these dramas.  The lower score means it didn't grab and hold my attention or I had to FF through parts of it.
  • 9, I really enjoyed it and probably have watched it a couple of times
  • 10. It was a great drama that may stand the test of time but not necessarily my favorite.

Most dramas I watch have some kind of romance, crime, or mystery about them.  I don't watch very many  historical dramas since I'm too critical on historical accuracy but I will watch historical dramas if they don't take themselves too serious.  


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