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An avid asian dramas & movies watcher since 2011.

Dramas and movies are my enjoyment and escape from real life issues.
I regularly post comments and screenshots related to what I'm currently enjoying and
I comment on any post I find interesting, intriguing or funny. 

Here are the links to some of my lists (under endless construction), in highest rating order, with comments:

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Best Food & Cooking related dramas/movies (voting list)
to be continued...

Warning: My rating system is very subjective and depicts only my own personal enjoyment,
along with my quality criteria for the story, acting, directing, cinematography, soundtrack 
& satisfying ending.
Note that I wouldn't normally recommend anything I've rated below 8,0/10.

Feel free to join "Drama-Lovers Book Club"
and my bestie's forum discussion "What's for Dinner?"

Thanks for checking out my profile! 


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