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Tae Ho

In the shining galaxy of A.N.JELL, Bangtan Sonyeondan & CNBLUE

Tae Ho

In the shining galaxy of A.N.JELL, Bangtan Sonyeondan & CNBLUE


2022's Profile Update:

Somewhere around October 2021, I finally got around to watching Zombie Detective and all hell broke loose LOL. Around this time too Choi Jin-Hyuk became a regular member in My Little Old Boy (k-variety show which I love watching), and it was from there that I got to find out his personality in real life, i.e. extremely sweet and adorable. The only dramas I have seen him were The Heirs and Fated to Love You, and he gave off a very stiff, cold persona in both which didn't exactly impress me. It's when I find out what his personality in real life is like that I feel my heart is properly settled for the final most time, and never will waver again LOL.

Also, these days I actually hear/listen to dramas instead of watch them LOL. I kinda let them play in the background on my headphone while doing something else. I also do this when I am tucked in bed because my personal life is a bit lonely, and doing this has helped to ease my loneliness a lot.

This practice has been so invaluable to me because listening to people's speaking in dramas like this is different to listening to music. At least for me, since it makes me feel as if I have a company even when I am alone. I also feel like this is a good, different/creative way to revisit drama you love instead of rewatch them, which I feel can be quite demanding to do).

Of course I do this for dramas I have completed already, and I also do this for male lead actors who's voice I love listening endlessly. For now it's all Choi Jin Hyuk. In the future I am thinking of adding Yeo Jin Goo's and Lee Soo Hyuk's. LOL. (Yes, all the deep voice sexy bas*****, God bless them XD)


Hi! My name is Fifie. Yes, I'm a female (in my early 30s) haha. I just fell in love with Seo Kang Joon so much after watching him play the piano so effortlessly in Cheese In The Trap. He's such a bae. Update: on the 9th of January 2021, I changed my profile name as Jang Geun Suk's male lead character from The Royal Gambler. I think the fact that the family names of these two characters are the same (Baek) ease people to find my profile regardless, also gives me the freedom to express my newfound love for our Asia Prince.

I literally discovered Jang Geun Suk so late, around December 2020 when I finally decided to watch You're Beautiful (a really classic rom-com) because of Jung Yong Hwa. The main reason as to why I got so crazy obsessed with Jang Geun Suk's performance as Hwang Tae Kyung is because of his mannerisms that truly reminded me of Domyouji Tsukasa from Hana Yori Dango played by Matsumoto Jun. For years I've kept on looking for THE Korean actor who could have given justice to the role of Gu Jun Pyo, because when I re-watched the drama, the one thing that left me from being fully satisfied was the portrayal of lead character which lacked the deep and dark charisma of a true tsundere character like it did in the Japanese version.

Before that when I finally decided to finish My Father is Strange (a very long 52 episode family k-drama), I happened to develop a massive crush on the actor Lee Joon whose projects I then bingewatched right after (Gap Dong, Vampire Detective and Heard It Through the Grapevine). I found out that Jung Yong Hwa is Lee Joon's best friend in the industry for 12+ years, which at this point makes me have a massive bias on all 3 of them! There's just something about a singing-actor traits/charm that really works like magic on me. I think it's the fact that the fan database on their activities, engagements, and projects are much more widespread and easily accessible that makes me feel more connected and included (even though I don't understand the language). You can read below my long description of Korean male actor crush before, but at this latest point in my life, I feel like I have finally found my ultimate bias of Korean entertainment (actor category) that is Jang Geun Suk oppa, i.e. our most beloved Asia Prince. I'M SO LATE IN FINDING HIM THOUGH, GDAMNIT.


My old description can be found below:

My first K-drama was actually back in my primary school, that was Successful Story of a Bright Girl by Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk. Those days we used to watch Kdramas only on TV so when I had to miss an episode because we went out, I remember feeling so bitter because it's hard to follow through the story again toward conclusion. The other rom-com dramas in the early 2000s that I really love are Delightful Girl Choon Hyang and My Girl. The most memorable melodrama I have watched to-date is probably Stairway to Heaven (I cried buckets). Thank goodness for drama sites these days that will not make us miss a single episode!

When I entered university in 2009, for several years I actually stopped watching Kdramas completely until about in late 2016 I was introduced to Secret Garden, which I loved but thought the reunion of the couple from the FL's injury way too superficial and convenient a plot device, so I couldn't like it as much as my friend did. This was also the moment I realised I was trying to imitate the person I like (who recommended that show) without holding much to my own identity, tastes and preferences, and much later afterwards decided to create my own MDL account. Since I have left the dramaland for many years now, I have A LOT to catch up on my planned watch list. I have only started to watch Kdramas actively again since late 2018.

I basically watch everything from melo to rom-com to action/thriller to medical/law to fantasy, except horror. That being said, Hotel del Luna is one of the horror-themed shows I have watched that I scored a perfect 10 because it's not that scary, and Yeo Jin Goo's in it. Boy, do I love him.

My favourite, perfect 10 scored dramas are listed here. When I first came back to dramaland, I binge-watched a lot to catch up with the many shows over the years I have missed. After watching some crime series like Doctor Prisoner and WATCHER, I have moved away significantly from binge-watching to prefer watching new dramas as they air so I could savour them more, and slowly. Although I only started watching shows with a suspended mind over how the story will unfold (I like the feeling of being thrown under the bus LOL), I now have taken a greater interest in analysing, thinking and speculating about the ways that the writers will develop the story/main characters as I watch along. I think it's a really great brain exercise.

My #1 favourite K-actor has been Ji Chang Wook, before he was overtaken by Seo In Guk, before he was overtaken by Yeo Jin Goo, before he was overtaken by Seo Kang Joon. Pretty damn complicated I know, haha. I obviously love them all to bits (it matters a lot that I can look up to them as dignified individuals outside of their acting profession and celebrity status), but in all seriousness Kang Joon's list of filmography to-date is the closest yet to my preference so far! And my goodness, does that beautiful man not make me go crazy with his enchanting hazel brown eyes, perfect abs and the nicest matched brown eyes-and-hair I've seen in the whole of K-pop . *BRB, I'm dying inside imagining it*

I am also a BTS ARMY, and have begun to stan (and discover them) after the release of Love Yourself: Tear around June 2018. When I am not down watching dramas, I am most likely somewhere else watching the variety shows of my favourite actors or replaying Bangtan's contents. LOL. My fellow BTS stan, I found a fitness instructor on Twitter who created extensive cardio workout videos with only BTS playlist. Her BTS 1000 Calorie Workout Cardio Party Mashup video can be found on this YouTube channel. Other BTS live performance compilations are this one, this and this

I love reading people's reviews of dramas to filter my own next-to-watch list, but I have also found at least one that I don't particularly agree with the rating, that is The Third Charm (2018). I really loved this drama most particularly for Seo Kang Joon, but I really believe the storyline wasn't as bad as many people criticised it to be. So although I am a complete newbie in writing down reviews for dramas, I will try to give it a go so as to give more people a balanced opinion of what shows are worth giving chances to (not that good shows need a lot of convincing, but I feel some are truly misrepresented by the rating average and deserve better).

My rating window for any movies/dramas to-date hasn't been any less than 5.0 stars. That is because if I were to drop a drama, I don't feel deserving to rate it as a total since I haven't seen it in full, and if I continue watching and complete it that means the score of the drama itself is already anything higher than 5.0 (with very subpar screenwriting, something the likes of Melting Me Softly, the complete disaster it was being the rare exception which I completed regardless because of Ji Chang Wook). I also believe that it's wrong and inappropriate for other people to rate a drama that they have dropped (because it's ethically biased); rather what they should do instead is rate every individual episode that they have watched only, write down the reason they finally drop the drama at the last watched individual episode's reaction page and leave it at that.

I am neither a notoriously hard rater, nor an easy pleaser. But I tend to factor my rating mainly based on the development of the story which could either be devised primarily around the lead characters or fictional sequential series of events. That being said, I have much higher chances of reviewing shows that are great (because I research properly on the dramas to watch before I dive in) and not finishing shows that are cheesy or just average (therefore I don't review them because I only review shows that I have completed in entirety). I am just explaining how my list of review may appear skewed and be indicative that I am a generous rater (I AM NOT).

Like everyone else on MDL, there are literally so many dramas that I want to cross out from my plan-to-watch list, and I think the easiest strategy to do this is by skipping straight to the scenes of my favourite actors in them, instead of actually watching the whole lot (especially if the genre is secondary to my liking). This is the same strategy that ardent readers apply when reading books, so I thought I'd apply the same technique in dramaland as well.

I am a sucker for good Korean OST and am always looking for them, especially in dramas I haven't watched yet. Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised that almost the entire playlist of an under-rated Kdrama is so great, that I truly felt like I have found a hidden gem. It's really amazing. Other than that, I love Seo In Guk the singer, and love his entire Japanese album. A remarkable achievement really, since I hardly listen to any Japanese songs if at all. Well, I do like Detective Conan series a lot, and will come back to it at some point in life. 

I watch mostly Kdramas because I'm very familiar with their industry, but I regard myself more as a conscious consumer of entertainment. In the age of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, I found the entertainment industry in general continuously fall behind from delivering entertainment that also have a strong social message, such as caring for the earth or the environment, or an accurate depiction of mental health. Therefore, apart from rom-com and thrillers, I am strongly drawn to slice of life with very well-written characters. I particularly don't like reading fiction (I only like to read non-fiction) so almost all of my consumption of fictional art works come from the visual entertainment medium.

Elsewhere, I can be found here. I'm personally active on Feeds because I like to throw questions around out of sheer curiosity. I really thank other users who always generously respond to them. Feel free to add me! :) xx


Lifetime goals (self-note):

  • Watch Lee Joon, Jung Yong Hwa and Jang Keun Suk's variety show appearances (including Producer 101 and unsubbed Candy in My Ears).
  • Watch all of Lee Joon Gi's past dramas.
  • Finish BTS IN THE SOOP and all other BTS contents to-date.
  • Improve especially Korean listening comprehension by using a repetitive listening method using BTS VLIVE contents, ENG SUB press conferencesK-DOC김영대 LIVE and K-Dramas (audio-only version) with Jang Keun Suk in them.
  • The reason I feel lonely and empty if I don't watch k-dramas or k-variety shows is because I don't spend much time in my life learning new skills. So I will focus on learning Korean focusedly as one of my leisure activities from now on. Fighting!
  • Another life priority is to build and train bodyweight strength, muscles and joints by doing calisthenics exercises.
  • Watch Lee Jin Wook's gorgeous kissing scenes, LOL.


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