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Joe Shiren

In a series of busting bubbles

Joe Shiren

In a series of busting bubbles

About Meself

Just a boring indoor person in late-twenties, and a bit of a weeb.

My Preferences

Comedy, Slice of Life and Law are my preferred genres. For the most favorite ones, I've listed, and they're mainly of those genres.

Talking about the first experiences, I became an avid watcher of J dorama and eiga around mid 2016. CHANGE is the first ever J Dorama I've finished and the counterpart for movie is Eien no Zero.

I love onee-san actresses and veteran actors (as can be seen in the lists).

How do I rate

I'm a Football (Soccer) fan so I based my scoring on player rating systems that I'm familiar to (default is a 6). Obviously, it'll be just another subjective rating on MDL and hence some of my 9s, 10s may not necessarily wonders, but the ones that I have personal attachment.

10 ~ Exceptional
Story, acting, music - all perfect. leaving me a lasting impression and provoking thoughts.
9-9.5 ~ Great
With a few exceptional flaws or I feel it's a little short, compared to my 10s.
8-8.5 ~ Pleasant
Probably with good story and acting, with my favorite cast and crew.
7-7.5 ~ DecentTypical, trendy renzoku. 7.5 are the ones with more interesting, solid story.
6-6.5 ~ Okay
At least it keeps me occupied for a few hours, keeps me out of boredom.
Below 6
I simply stopped watching (or) turned out to be a cringe/not my taste.


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