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They bring me back to places I can never go back to in reality - they bring me on desired situations I wanted to be which either I can never be in to or I have yet to be in to - they are constant reminder of what I think love is and gives me some explanations of life - they bring encouragement and inspiration - the many reality in life which were hidden in every fairy tales are revealed in Korean dramas.   I have so much love for the Korean actors and so much respect for the writers. 

The first Korean Drama I've watched  was "Full House"  The drama which has no flaws for me is "Shining Inheritance"also my top favorite drama. Dramas which I have learned a lot from are ""Ballad of Seodong ,49Days,  Shinning inheritance  & Dream high.  Dramas which made my heart flutter the most are Descendants of the Sun, Shining inheritance, Star candy, Coffee Prince,Full house, Only you. Dramas which made me emotional the most in a good way are  "Reply 1988", "Shining inheritance" in a heartbreaking was "49 days""Ballad of seo dong". Dramas I've re watched the most "Full House", Descendants of the sun""Hwayugi"  famous dramas which I did not happen to like are "Secret garden", "I hear your voice" and "Boys over flowers"- Waste of time watching dramas for me  so far is "Big". 

My favorite actors are: Lee Seung Gi, Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum - I have also liked Song Jung Ki, Gong Yoo and Jo Hyun Jae but not as much as before. Favorite actress are Song Hye Kyo  and Yoon Eun Hye. Actresses who don't make chemistry with the actors I've seen are  Han Ga in (METS), Ha Ji won, Lee Min Jun (Big). 

Reasons to watch a drama - 1. If any of my favorite actors are starring on it  2. Good reviews with good casting.

What makes a deabak drama - 1. makes my heart flutter 2. lessons I learn 3. If Im in agreement with the writer 4. Entertaining

What makes a bad drama - 1. If I cant agree with the writer 2. Too predictable and overly set up 3. Actress having no chemistry with the actor 4. Dragging 


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