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Andy avril 19, 2017
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  • Lee Seung Gi


    Lee Seung Gi is no doubt my #1 Oppa

    Before He even gained a spot- I remember dropping " My girlfriend is Gumiho" years back because of him - I thought he was just another "My sassy girl's"  Cha Tae Hyun  (hehe) 

    As you see, me liking him was unexpected. He is one of those actors whom you will like the character first - then you’d appreciate his looks - but unlike others whom I like only when in character .He is likable even more when he acts as himself in variety shows.  His presence creates a warm atmosphere. His features are not perfect but I find him more charming than many pretty boy actors - and for me he looks perfectly good. 

    Hwayugi introduced me to Seung Gi but I learned to love him in Jipsabu more.  Out of all his dramas Kang Chi is the closest to my heart and his visuals are most fluttering , Son o gong - is the most manly and charming. His the only actor whose Dramas - all - gets 10/10 from me - Shinning Inheritance being my top favorite - can't wait for "Vagabond"

    He is the only Korean Actor I know who takes complements and criticism boldly. He is a smart guy -  organic and honest at the same time. He is not the innocent type - but rather the straight forward - with a twist of cuteness flavored with humor - lead by responsibility and inspired by aspirations. His success story is not one of those dramatic ones but traditionally grown - thus his emotions are more stable not too sensitive - his perspective is honest - his horizon is wider which makes him more flexible and adaptable.

    Him being a singer on top of this  makes him incomparable to other actors in my heart. I may never have someone like him in my lifetime (my husband is not so bad-haha) - I wish him having a happy family later whom he can proudly call his greatest rewards.

  • Kim Soo Hyun


    Kim soo hyun is the first Oppa which I've loved  so much. I loved him first than Seung  Gi - now I love both of them the most. 

    Secretly Greatly introduced me to this handsome human being before I got inspired by Som Sam Dong in Dream High which remains one of my favorite dramas - which story has close similarity with Soo hyun's success story in real life.  Him being raised by his mother growing up - made him a sensitive guy, and naturally turns him into a sweet innocent man.  

    His innocence and passion in achieving his dreams apart form his looks are the characters I liked about him most.  ( I should have written about him while I was so hooked - beofre he entered military ) - I guess I would need to go back to this page once he is back. I will reserve this spot for him still - and hope to see him in person too.

    Oppa, gidaryo! 

  • Park Bo Gum


    I tend avoid liking obviously good looking and overly famous actors like him, especially he seems to be too sweet and less manly,  and so i did not watch any of his dramas until just recently (Love in the Moonlight) but he's just too good looking to ignore especially seeing him do manly scenes and great acting. And so I gave up, and fell for him. I am happy to know that he is a christian, too.  I'd be watching him from now on.

  • Song Joong Ki


    I loved him first as Big Boss in DOTS, the drama got me so hooked that lead me to watching Kdramas again and ended up watching the drama 3 times in 2 weeks. I love how humble and smart he is in interviews, how funny and cute he was in running man, and how good of an actor he is also  in other dramas. Although I find him handsome, but not all the time, he tends to be more handsome while in character and when he was at his 20s, and less handsome during photoshoot and interviews recently.

  • Gong Yoo


    I loved him best in Coffee Prince and Biscuit Teacher when he was at his 20s. So handsome and I love his "Kilig" actings. Ironically the first drama of him that I watched was Goblin ^^ ,although looked a bit old already in the drama, it led me to liking him after watching his previous dramas. I also like how witty and natural he is during interviews.

  • Jo Hyun Jae


    The very first Oppa I've liked through my first  favorite kdramas: Ballad of Seo Dong and 49 Days and Only you. I've also watched his forbidden love. I like his" deep" acting.  He will always be special.

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