The same vibes. The same slow narration. The same humility of FL. The same bravery of ML.
Totally the same atmosphere.
Recommandé par Lez
It reminds me of Black Dog, which focuses on the public side of education, whereas Hagwon focuses on the private side without the romance aspect. One focuses on teachers in public schools while the other navigates the life of a lecturer in a Hagwon, and of course the level of services one provides over the other,
Recommandé par My Liberation Notes
both are noona romance. they are slow , mature themed and fun to watch :)
both have work related aspects in them, in a way realistic
Recommandé par hwaruf
Both dramas are Noona Romance set against the backdrop Korea's Hagwon culture.
Both provide a glimpse of the competitive nature, high pressure, business side of academics.
Recommandé par vvn2154
Although it's a different setting (sport setting) and a different pace as expected from a sports drama , they both share the ex-student with teacher relationship..noona romance if you will
Recommandé par Hala
Different setting, not noona romance ..however if you like the vibe of something in the rain and the midnight romance in hagwon you'll feel it in one spring night (same director
and producer or screenwriter I think)
Recommandé par Hala
Mature themed but very different dramas
call it love has angst and is more melo
but the directing is similar and very slow paced with slow conversations
Recommandé par hwaruf
*Student-teacher relationship


*Age gap


*Younger man, older woman


*Support of the teacher in the student's success
Recommandé par Aya Sishou
Both a
Mature realistic romance between 30+ leads, athmospheric, beautiful directing.

Both have leads that do very natural acting.
Both released in may 2024.

Both are same genre of slice of life, melodrama, romance.
Recommandé par JulySnow2
The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024) poster



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