We Best Love : Le premier pour toujours Épisode 1

8.5/10 from 95 users
Jan 08, 2021
Zhou Shi Yi plans to confess to Jian Yu Xin after winning the swimming competition. His plan is messed up due to Gao Shi De's participation. He tries to prank Go Shi De repeatedly… read more

We Best Love : Le premier pour toujours Épisode 2

8.6/10 from 82 users
Jan 08, 2021
Gao Shi De blackmails Zhou Shu Yi into becoming his page boy. Zhao Shu Yi tries to hide his heartbreak from his friends.

We Best Love : Le premier pour toujours Épisode 3

8.6/10 from 79 users
Jan 15, 2021
Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi identify their competition between each other, their school's haunted house experience. Shu Yi finds the experience a little more intimidating than he expected.… read more

We Best Love : Le premier pour toujours Épisode 4

8.7/10 from 82 users
Jan 22, 2021
Zhou Shu Yi asks Fang Chen Fen for help finding a girlfriend after he overhears Gao Shi De make a confession while pretending to be asleep. (Source: TVMAZE)

We Best Love : Le premier pour toujours Épisode 5

9.0/10 from 96 users
Jan 29, 2021
Shu Yi finally comes to terms that he likes Gao Shi De however Shi De is now avoiding him.

We Best Love : Le premier pour toujours Épisode 6

8.4/10 from 70 users
Feb 05, 2021
Zhou Shu Yi unexpectedly meets Gao Shi De's mother while visiting his home. Gao Shi De makes plans for after graduation. (Source: TVMAZE)

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