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L'émission EXchange est de retour avec sa troisième saison. Des ex amants font face à de nombreux défis et missions en matière de rencontres. Les participants vivent des déchirements en retrouvant l'amour avec leurs ex dans la même maison. Tout au long de leur séjour dans la maison, ils nouent de nouvelles relations et ont l'occasion d'apprendre à se connaître. Le dernier jour, ils doivent décider s'ils souhaitent poursuivre de nouvelles histoires d'amour ou raviver les flammes du passé. Réussiront-ils à trouver un nouvel amour ? Ou retourneront-ils vers leurs anciens amants ? (Source : MyDramaList) Modifier la traduction

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  • Pays: South Korea
  • Catégorie: TV Show
  • Épisodes: 20
  • Diffusé: déc. 29, 2023 - avril 19, 2024
  • Diffusé Sur: Vendredi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: TVING
  • Durée: 2 hr. 30 min.
  • Score: 7.8 (scored by 1,104 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #3711
  • Popularité: #4377
  • Classification du contenu: Not Yet Rated

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Loved the individuals, did not like the couples.

Am I the only one who was far more happy and entertained when I was watching the group moments and interaction between participants that were completely not romantically involved? Too many times I wanted to skip the dates and just watch them hang out in the house. I like them all as individuals, I like them all in the group setting, but I could not vibe with any of the couples at the end.

And I feel like this is why the show failed me - I had no pair to truly root for. I felt like none of the exes would work out, since they just danced around each other, but never truly try to solved their previous issues. The new couples were easily shaken by the past relationships, which made me think they would not last anyway, so what's the point?

I actually loved first few episodes, but the more romantically involved everyone became, the less I cared. That said, I still like the whole cast a lot, especially the best girl Da Hye. Wish her all the healing and happiness she needs.

Overall, I have barely any thoughts. I think I just truly don't care.

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avril 6, 2024
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This season was actually the worst.

This season was actually the worst. Season 1 was boring, but this season was just poorly executed. The casting was a total miss. Aside from a few people, the rest of the cast is uninteresting or unlikeable. They need to get the old PD back. The format and the flow of the show are just weird also. Why didn’t they let them choose their ex on some dates? That would help them clear up their misunderstandings/ lingering feelings. And half the season just focused on them eating/drinking/ arguing and doing the same stuff every episode. The topics they talked about also kept going in circles. It’s exhausting and frustrating to watch as a viewer. In season 2, there was drama, but there were also wholesome moments. This season pure drama and frustration. I am officially dropping this season. It’s excruciating to continue watching.

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  • TV Show: EXchange Season 3
  • Pays: Corée du Sud
  • Épisodes: 20
  • Diffusé: déc. 29, 2023 - avril 19, 2024
  • Diffusé On: Vendredi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: TVING
  • Durée: 2 hr. 30 min.
  • Classification du contenu: Pas encore classifié


  • Score: 7.8 (marqué par 1,104 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #3711
  • Popularité: #4377
  • Téléspectateurs: 2,791

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