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janv. 21, 2024
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My comment section is not safe for Gwanhee sympathizers. Additionally I will probably call out and drag everyone at some point so you were warned bc you might not like what I have to say. To protect your peace I suggest you just keep scrolling if you are any of the aforementioned people.


To say that this was the worst season would be an understatement. It was a complete and utter FAILURE. This season lacked depth, got boring halfway through and was a struggle to finish. I did not feel connected to any of the contestants at all.

Once the contestants have been to paradise it’s like they’ve seen it all and don’t really have any motivation or incentive to keep on going. The way the men sat on their asses all day and did not really try to pursue any of the women was disappointing. They had 9 days there and none of them showed any real impetuous to get to know the women. It was like a long winded free vacation where they put in minimal effort.

Gwanhee by far was the most annoying and insufferable person in the history of Singles Inferno. LIKE THIS MAN CANNOT BE A REAL PERSON. Idk how to explain my disdain for him without it coming off as hatred because it is. "I hate men" (tell me why this was my reaction every time he did something or came on screen) I genuinely can’t stand men who are spoilt, indecisive, cowardly and two faced. He played almost all the women there and literally did not have any regrets or second thoughts about doing so. But what can people expect when he’s just a narcissist egotistical pro basketball player who’s been put on a pedestal his whole life because of his “rich” family background. Either way people out there who are making excuses for him being in a long term relationship for 6 years or his upbringing for his insecureness need to reassess. Just because he had a bad experience in a prior relationship does not give him the right to act like an asshole. He was way too carefree, inconsiderate and nonchalant towards all the women and their emotions / feelings.

I feel sorry for all those girls who kept on choosing Gwanhee despite knowing what a huge red flag he was. The only person who didn’t know and wasn’t in that room when all the tea was being spilt about him was Min Jji so in her defense she didn’t know / know better.

I enjoyed the panelist reactions this season (I feel like Dex was a good addition) but I feel like they became a bit side tracked and dim witted as soon as the season was coming to an end. Idk if they’re slow or what but it was so obvious (to me at least) how this would end.

Hyeseon finally got the courage to confront / tame Gwanhee as people were going on and on about and put him in his place making him reflect on his actions towards her and confront how he really felt from day 1 to day 9. I think it’s sad and ridiculous she had to really be doing all this and essentially telling him to pick someone else to wake up and realize he was losing her when she said “I’m done trying.” This man could not be any dumber. After all this time he still hadn’t figured out who he liked more even though he spent ample time with both Minji and Hyeseon.

I believe Hyeseon is at fault too. In the 1st episode during their trip to paradise, Gwanhee was ready to commit to her but she told him that she would prefer that he wait to choose her and instead spend time getting to know everyone else before making his decision. So can she really blame Gwanhee for being confused? She should have been clear about what she wanted because he fulfilled her request exactly, and at the very end she became upset and hurt. Tbh, she just seemed foolish confronting him about it.

And don’t get me wrong but nobody could ever make me hate Minji. She was a product of her circumstances. There weren’t many options because Minyoung decided to play gatekeeper and make her feel uncomfortable for even breathing near Jinseok. Minyoung's behavior was nasty and she just pissed me off after acting like she wasn't interested in Jinseok as anything other than a BROTHER then when Minji came she felt threatened and started showing interest in him? Idc... I won't forget and I still think Jinseok deserves so much better. Minji got her message and she backed off almost immediately. She thought they were a solid couple and she was getting in between so she had to shift to getting to know Gwanhee instead. Time was short and she had to make up for it because she was a late addition. I see nothing wrong with her trusting her gut and trying to make the most out of her time there because again, this is a dating program and that’s what they were there to do.

Minji’s conversations with Gwanhee as well as her night in paradise with him changed and clarified a lot. I thought they had good chemistry and could see the potential between them up until Gwanhee ignored her on the helicopter because he was mad at her. He was so petty then but I also think she could’ve maybe found a better time to try and talk to him, nevertheless him flat out lying and saying he didn't know she was crying was bs. WHY WOULD HE LIE AND HE WAS CAUGHT GLANCING AT HER IN 4K?!

She basically put all her faith in their connection and was ready to choose him. I mean for crying out loud she wrote a note saying “you’re the only one for me” and he still did not get it and doubted her feelings? LIKE WHATS NOT CLICKING?!

I wish Minji had been able to build her relationship with Jinseok (the greenest flag) instead of ever getting tangled with Gwanhee but that’s not the way things ended up. Instead she was led on by Gwanhee to believe she stood a chance after their final conversation where he comforted her and offered her tissues when she was crying. She literally thought he would finally feel her sincerity she thought he'd pick her. I honestly understand her confusion because from her point of view things were good between them. Idk why people keep on dragging her when she literally was left in the dark the whole time by everyone because she was a late addition.

Also side note but I think the hate Minji is getting daily on her instagram is unnecessary and people literally need to get lives instead of trying to whore shame her and call her “pick me” etc. Can’t ppl have minds of their owns and formulate a new opinion instead of just rewriting the same shit over and over again? The ppl posting those things are worse than her because at least she was able to go on this show and have confidence to follow her feelings and not back down till the end. She did what she was brought in to do – shake things up and create drama. Quite frankly without her the show would’ve been even more predictable and BORING ntm ppl would barely have anything to talk about. All these pathetic individuals hiding behind a screen and trying to bully her into committing suicide are actually weird and I hope they seek help.

I stand by the fact that Gwanhee will forever be the villain of his own story every time. He self sabotages so much and it’s clear he has some kind of abandonment issues which is why he cried when he finally realized that he fucked up with Hye Seon and she might not end up choosing him because of how much of a loser and conniving two timer he was being with her. He was so so so reckless with her feelings as well as the others.

Oh and Hajeong my goodness was she done dirty by him too! The way the instantly hit it off and had a good banter thing going until she too grew tired of his games and confronted him. The only difference is she came on super strong would not back down, did not take a kind tone and Gwanhee was offended / so but hurt that he immediately lost feelings almost as quickly as he had gained them. The way he avoided her after that was so cheap of him and I won’t stop saying it. The way he beat around the bush and tried to put all the blame on her was also insane. The way she succumbed to his mind games and eventually ended up apologizing to him even though she was literally right about his behavior and treatment of her was absolutely so telling. Gwanhee runs away when the going gets tough. He’s very immature and cannot handle when his (potential) partner is not coddling him and sparing his feelings. I swear to God idk when this man will grow up. I’m so much younger than him, more mature and clearly have more sense than him.

Yes Hajeong realized her worth early on but at what cost? The fact that Gwanhee caused her to become more dejected / depressed with his rejection was so unfair. Had he spoken up sooner she wouldn’t have wasted time on him hoping things would eventually work themselves out that and he’d circle back to her… maybe she would bc love is blind and she was delulu for him but I feel like had he shut her hopes down from earlier on she could’ve tried to move on with someone else. Idc that he told her on the day before the finale that he “loved” her. That was again another cheap move and another manipulation tactic in the hopes that she wouldn’t choose him anymore and feel somewhat better after being flat out rejected by him. I see right through that man and nobody can tell me that he wasn’t just doing all that and trying to be extra nice on the last day to clear his conscience and make himself look more worthy to the audience watching. NEXT! His behavior is so juvenile and in poor taste. Again, I feel sorry for all the women who fell for him and liked him in any capacity.

Needless to say Gwanhee is a total player / fuckboy and had the experience and ability to manipulate them and make them feel special then take it all away when they were no longer feeding him / his ego. He just felt pity towards Hyeseon and wanted to smooth things over which is why he picked her in the end. But had she stood firm and not cried / forgiven him so easily I don’t think he would’ve left the inferno such a happy man. See if I were Hyeseon I would’ve chosen Wonik just to piss him off and give him a taste of his own medicine. I forever stand on the fact that Gwanhee deserves nothing if anything he deserved to leave the inferno ALONE. But again, he was primary entertainment for most. People overhype and dickride him so much they are too blind to see beyond his facade. Yes he was self aware one time where he told the camera crew he was entirely the problem but it still doesn’t make up for his actions and all the people he ended up hurting along the way. For me actions speak louder than words and Gwanhee was seems like a bad person. Him trying to do damage control at the eleventh hour spoke volumes and I could see right through his schemes.

Gyuri annoyed me with the confronting Minwoo incident. It was literally like watching the pot call the kettle black. Everyone and their grandmother could see Minwoo was interested in Sieun from day 1 and that they just kept on missing their timing. Her comparing him to Gwanhee was so uncalled for. Just because she was hurt and her ego bruised by his rejection, it did not give her the right to go off on him the way she did. I don’t think she was thinking and her laughter was so off putting and offensive. They were having a serious discussion and it was like she was laughing him to scorn and mocking him just because he was younger than her. It’s like she was saying fine you wanna be with Sieun go be with Sieun — people thought she girl bossed that moment but she just showed her true colors when things don’t go her way and she doesn’t get the outcome she desires she retaliates and shows people the worst possible side of her.

What gets me is this show is just so unserious like she was supposed to be allowed to weigh her options between Minkyu and Minwoo but Minwoo wasn’t allowed to do the EXACT same?! Make it make sense. Also why was she behaving like that over a man she just met a couple days ago. It was just giving unserious because like girl STAND UP. Him not choosing you wasn’t the end of the world worse you were eager to be rude to him and belittle him just because you’re older and thought you were better than him? Please– I feel like she could’ve tried to understand him and at the very least respect his decision. The fact that they’re on a dating show and she knew exactly what she signed up for yet was behaving like this just because she did not get her way was just distasteful. She crossed all the lines and made the atmosphere tense even when Sieun came in and requested to talk to him and when she took the mic off herself. At that point she should’ve self eliminated if she really felt like there were no other options for her. The way she spoke to the camera people about Minkyu acting like he was just some secondary option and she shouldn’t have to choose him just because he liked her was insane. Minkyu kept choosing her from day one but she was too caught up in Min Woo that she failed to see his sincerity. Instead of completely throwing him to the side and pursing Minwoo she could’ve gotten to know him better but she didn’t. It’s so sad and I genuinely think Minkyu deserved better. Watching that back I’m sure he probably just felt like a second choice.

I don’t have much to say about Habin because he was annoying and only they're for free vacation lol. He got such a huge opportunity to try and get to know Hajeong and figure out his feelings and he completely wasted it. That man is too caught up in his head to the point that he overthinks everything and that definitely was his downfall. He was far too interested in the drama between the other contestants and constantly acting like a damn clown instead of trying to focus on himself.

Won Ik was another person I just found shady and insincere at moments. You could see how hard it was for Sieun to keep pretending around him every time he’d try to get to know her and ask her to paradise. The way she cried when she was forced to go broke my heart. Plus on top of that he gave weird vibes like he was enjoying her disdain because he was glad she wasn’t here with Min Woo. Won Ik was Min Woo’s biggest operative but in the end his plan to separate them failed. Even with the bad timing of it all somehow Sieun and Minwoo got to talk to each other and tried their hardest to make each moment no matter how little or insignificant it was count while they were in the inferno. Honestly I think this couple should be admired for their hard work. It just goes to show that with communication, transparency and trust you can go a long way. I feel like Gwanhee and many of the other contestants can take a leaf out of their books and actually try to learn something instead of beating around the bush and behaving childish.


Would I rewatch this train wreck? Immediately no. I’m the type of person who watches something once and has it engrained in my brain forever. I won’t stop saying it but the internal misogyny of some of these commenters / fans speaks volumes and I care not to interact with those who want to defend men like Gwanhee.

I’m gonna try as hard as possible to forget this season because it infuriated me so much. Love Catcher and Transit love are so much better than this. I am not interested if this show has a S4. I feel 3 seasons were enough for me and I could practically write the script on this show by now.

Couples: Minyoung x Jinseok, Minwoo x Sieun, Gyuri x Minkyu, Hyeseon x Gwanhee

Single + Choices: Hajeong → Gwanhee, Minji → Gwanhee, Habin → Hajeong, Wonik → Sieun



Fuck Gwanhee. The truth hurts, but everyone needs to hear it! I need these ladies need to stand up! (by this I mean stop taking back what they said / apologizing to spare his feelings!) The competitors should learn how to manage rejection and articulate themselves without being obnoxious. The best couple (Sieun & Minwoo) proved to everyone that falling in love doesn't require a trip to paradise or knowledge about ages and professions. Since communication and honesty were central to their relationship, they were able to establish a good rapport. To be honest, I was exhausted from watching, and I felt that some fans were going too far in their hate and over-hyping of their faves. Regarding GH, from what I've seen, I don't like him, and I wouldn't want to know / associate with someone like him in real life. Even at his big age he still has room to grow BUT it will be up to him to make those changes moving forward (w/ therapy ofc!) Ultimately, it's only a 9 day reality TV show, so it's hard to judge people based simply on that. They all have their own individual issues imo.

All in all I would give this show less but I decided on a 3/10 bc watching this became a chore. I was so annoyed.

In my opinion S1 > S2 > S3

I’m sure people disagree with me but again you’re entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.


Anyway, don’t let this review discourage you. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t. You have to watch it and see for yourself. But if you are a mature person you will get tired of Gwanhee’s games.

Thanks for reading & happy watching!


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The worst season so far

Can we please spend some screen time on someone other than Gwan hee? I thought most of the female cast was ridiculously shallow and most of the men had very little screen time. In the previous seasons I could at least pretend that the cast wanted to find love. S3 is clearly about increasing their follower counts, etc. Everyone was just so fake. The producers clearly wanted more swimsuit time which just made this season feel trashy. I watch Korean dating shows because they tend to be less trashy. Oh well.
I disliked this season so much I'm not looking forward to a season 4.

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