both dramas have suicidal and traumatic things. They are great for ppl having been through suicidal thoughts.
Recommandé par Jichuya
No other BETTER Show could I recommend except for its SECOND HALF :-)

Sorry to say
But till date none other drama has had such a Mind Blowing Plot before /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ ;-)
Recommandé par SG1945KDL
Second half of this drama, which was released three weeks apart. Watching both is a must for the drama to make sense.
Recommandé par syedatasnia14
Both dramas have reincarnation trope and to survive from what all it takes to get past of their death fate.
Recommandé par Aklima
reincarnation trope
Both are 2023 modern dramas
ML in perfect marriage revenge is one of the characters in death's game
Recommandé par SG1945KDL
Both have the different "faces" different "actors" playing one character
Tho from the names one is romcom and another is death?
Recommandé par XingBack
Both series portray different characters backgrounds and lives in a very similar way although it's not one transporting into others like Yi-jae does in Death's game. The overall atmosphere, editing style & storytelling way are much the same. Moving and Death's Game are still pretty different story wise so you can just enjoy another fresh watch. Both are some of the best kdramas of 2023.
Recommandé par Unravel007
Doom at Your Service and Death’s Game are both fantasy dramas that star Seo In-guk as the main lead. They also deal with the themes of death.
Recommandé par Little Joy
Both are a bit of psychological warfare as the two work on dissecting the human mentality and some of life's meanings and priorities and how they can change and twist our perspectives.
Recommandé par Alice_Nana
Similar dark, weird but sexy vibe and exciting story line! (Similar set up with questionable FL and someone dying multiple times)
Recommandé par yviitree
This is the Korean drama same as the movie The Beauty Inside. Basically one person wake up change to different body
Recommandé par Chia6
Both Korean drama male lead play different role. Kill me Heal me is more like multiple personality. Death Game is is reincarnation to different body
Recommandé par Chia6
Unfortunately this recommendation is a spoiler.

Same messages about learning to love life and find those who care about you through a game administered by death its self.
Recommandé par disgrace
Both dramas deals with theme of death.

Death's Game has ML dying over and over each ep and TMS has a different guest character dying each ep.

Both good dramas. ??
Recommandé par JulySnow2
Its similar because it's also fiction that talks about the afterlife and the consequences of our life choices.
Recommandé par effedup4real
Le Jeu De La Mort (2023) poster



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