Although "Doctors" is a older korean drama, it has similarities:

- both leads are neurosurgeons who meet again as fellow & department head after many years
- before they used to be student & lecturer
- age gap + height difference
- leads are adults (30+)

Doctors has more medical focus and shows surgery. It also has a kickass FL and a ML who is flirty and persues the FL right away after their reunion.
Recommandé par Sugar Crown
Both male leads are neurosurgeons. Both couples have reunion after years . There is same theme for first love and slow burn romance.
Recommandé par On cloud nine
Divorced couple
Another chance
Working in same place
The leads divorced un the first few episodes then they met again in the same work place , and there is another couple beside them in their work place and there's second male lead was choosing the female lead
Recommandé par My World
Both are about a couple who break up then meet again years later. Both FLs were very naïve when they were together and have now become more mature and both MLs are colder personalities. While the plot is very different otherwise, both dramas have a similar feel to them in the relationships.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
-Ambos ficam juntos e separam
- Ambos se passam no presente e tem flashbacks do relacionamento
- Ambos tem crianças envolvidas, porém em um a criança é adotada pelo ML, e no outro é filho biológico do casal mas o ML não sabe
- Ambos não são comédia, tem aquele tom mais maduro, porem "Por Causa do Amor" é bem mais maduro e tem uma direção muito superior, mas uma queda por você também tem uma boa direção.
-Ambos ML são médicos. Mas "por causa do amor" não é um drama médico como "uma queda por você"
-No mais, ambos não são comedia, tem sensações um pouco parecidas.
Recommandé par JuliaMedeiros
Both couples work in a hospital, with the ML older and already established in his profession at the beginning of the drama. Both FLs are younger than the ML and fall in love with them first, openly expressing their love, but the MLs are colder personalities who take much longer to reciprocate.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
Both male and female leads are doctors
The male lead is female lead’s mentor
Junior doctor(whose father is in a higher position in the same hospital) who is not the female lead will have crush on male lead and will do anything to impress him
Recommandé par Hyunjin
The female leads are both doctors
The male leads are also doctors
They both go through a bumpy road to see if they like it each other or not
The leads of both shows also meet again in the future.
Recommandé par luna
Both were married and meet each other years later
Didn’t appreciate each other
Both are cold ML who act indifferent
FL ends up working with ex husband as her superior
Both couples still care for each other but act like they don’t

Same plot but in CSL it revolves around a business environment while HaCoY it’s medical
Recommandé par a_1000_teardrops
Both characters are doctors. Those who meet after divorce in the same hospital after some time interval. based on second chances at love.
Recommandé par ASTER
Both are Romance Dramas that take place in the hospital.

Both male leads are known to be smart and well respected doctors who will mentor the other newly incoming doctors (other main/supporting characters). They are also very cold hearted and scary.

Both female leads are smart and hard working. They will fight for what is right and argue with the male lead.

The couple will go through ups and downs together with each case, growing in love.

Neurology is also the reoccurring major for the main characters.
Recommandé par noviosity
If you love how the kid brings the main characters together, these dramas are super cute.

Both female leads are doctors and will teach the male lead how to be a better father.

Both male leads are workaholics and cold-hearts. Always grumpy and wants to be right. They start to open up as they fall in love with the female lead.

Recommandé par noviosity
Both couples work in life-saving professions and both FLs are doctors. Both dramas have a similar feel/tone.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
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