In both stories, two boys fall in love and practice athletics. In Mr. Heart it is the main story, while in You're My Sky it is a secondary couple.
Recommandé par alis89
If you like the track/cross-country element of You're My Sky, and the push-pull of the focused senior Aii and the younger romantic San, Mr. Heart does a wonderfully wholesome combination of those 2 storylines.
Recommandé par AthenaTheStorierX
They are from the same company. Basically the same minutes and episodes, and both sinopsis are amazing!
Recommandé par anaa
The 3rd story of YitB is very similar to Mr Heart since they both:
- Revolve around the sport of running/marathoning
- Have a serious character and a more mischievous character
- Are short, light watches with no serious complications
- Have a similar dynamic between the main characters, with the exception that Youths in the Breeze is a bromance while Mr Heart is a BL
Recommandé par Grand Inquisitor
Contains the same character and actors.
The same storyline is presented in both the movie and the show.
Recommandé par KkCypher
Both are BLs with a school setting and a super cute height difference between the leads.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
BL dramas. Ghost Runner (Thailand) Mr. Heart (Korea) the plots are unrelated (Ghost runner has a horror genre and Mr. Heart is more of a fluffy romance) but both share that the lead characters are runners and LGBT.
Recommandé par Xiaole
lol just another Korean BL

But like in movie form '-'

this needs more characters so im adding more lalalalalalalallalalal

Recommandé par Nima
Main story looks similar, our successful boy needs a supporter to become best in his sport branch + yes both dramas are bromance/bl
Recommandé par akdage
Both are BL dramas. In Oxygen Gui makes Solo warm milk every night so he can sleep. In Mr. Heart Sang Ha delivers a milk carton to Jin Won everyday so he can become a better runner. Both Gui/Sang Ha help Solo/Ji Won find motivation to purse their passion again Singing/Running.
Recommandé par Xiaole
Mr. Heartt is also a drama that focuses on a sport and it is also a k-LGBTQ show. People who watch Blue of Winter might like Mr. Heart.
Recommandé par Magblueroses
Both are korean BL dramas and are both web series. They are also around the same length in terms of episodes.
Recommandé par hellkitty
(and also Seven Days: Friday-Sunday which is part 2)

both are about boys finding romantic feelings for each other and both have a fairly chill and light-hearted vibe about it. They also both have a sort of similar ending where there is a separation through a misunderstanding and then a reconnection.

One is Korean and one is Japanese though, so up to you if that bothers you.
Recommandé par Kimmi
Both Korean BL and Mr. heart is a good BL I recommend that everyone will enjoy to Watch with its amazing storyline.
Recommandé par Amarie
Excellent South Korean gay film with a similar struggle and very well acted. A classic and favorite of BL watchers. Enjoy
Recommandé par KJCTdramafan
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