Haven't watched this yet since it just came out in the theaters in Taiwan, but from what i've heard it's top notch and even topped the box office surpassing every other movie for 2020 (in Taiwan). Friends with feelings for each other that go beyond the friend line. This and I told sunset about are the highest rated bl/lgbtq/coming of age dramas, put this on your plan to watch list cause it won't disappoint + it might be the only one that can compete with I told sunset about you since it set the bar so high. Top bls/coming of age of the year don't miss out.
Recommandé par XYZ111
Both are set in Taiwan after martial law and feature stories about burgeoning youth dealing with their sexual orientation.
Recommandé par cyberspirit777
The cinematography is similar, both about gay men and their struggle surrounding relationships, particularly platonic relationships.
Recommandé par shin01
They’re both queer films
They’re both about young love that reunite when they’re older
I’d say YNEH is a bit more bittersweet than SLSYT
Recommandé par memo memo
Both are BL Taiwanese movies about unrequited love. The tone, acting, cinematography, and vibes are very similar.
Recommandé par Geegee16
- Both of them have a wonderful storyline, and both of them have nice actors.
- They are both LGBTQ+ film & series ('Heroin' is a series, the 'Your Name Engraved Herein' is a movie ).
- Both are Chinese BLs
- Both of these have lovely and wonderful actors and characters that keep it up your attention.
- They are all worth a look, I swear to you!
Recommandé par ReA
When Kosuke was 14 years old, his mother died. As a young gay person, he spent his adolescence in a rural village and suppressed his feelings. Now, Kosuke is all grown up and he works as a fashion magazine editor in Tokyo. He meets Ryuta, who works as a personal trainer. Ryuta's mother raised him alone and he is close to his mother. Kosuke and Ryuta become attracted to each other and they sometimes spend time with Ryuta's mother. Kosuke is happy to share time with Ryuta and his mother, which makes him remember his late mother. Kosuke and Ryuta make an appointment to go for a drive together, but, on that day, Ryuta does not show up.
Recommandé par 73n5h1k015h173
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recommandé par zeesqueere
Often, I read comments, and this one
"Honestly, Taiwanese bl's are on another level." are you agree ?
You need to watch Crystal boys too !

Always fighting against homoxuality intolerance and try better to understand the others, more again if we share the same blood (family matter : seriously important ! ).
Recommandé par Titichan
Both dramas follow the lives of children and end when they are older. They're also LGBT stories that deal with being closeted and internalized homophobia.
Recommandé par fiflydramalover
Even though they are two different movies yet they do have some similarities such as: fighting against the same enemy, two main characters ...
Recommandé par NWJS
Edward Chen starring in another BL. Similar to Your Name Engraved Herein; the plot such when things don't work in the past in the future maybe?
Recommandé par NWJS
Both follow youths in the 1980s and give insight into the political situation at that time. They also have a romance aspect and a gay man character. Theres also a time skip in both.
Recommandé par Sleepy Strawberry
School based...
Frnds to lover with slight obsession.
But its BL.
Its not that dark...

Recommandé par Maaya
-Two dudes who have feelings for eachother but one of them is more reluctant to act on them
-Disapproving parents
Recommandé par Geegee16
Your Name Engraved Herein (2020) poster



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