Both dramas have misteries around plane crash and are alike. Action and suspense theme in both with a little romance too.
Recommandé par whateverlili_
In both the dramas, there is a loss of loved one before they start investigating. Also when read about Mad Dog, it gave me Vagabond vibes.
Recommandé par Sandhraaa
- both leads have lost their loved ones in an airplane crash
- both revolve around finding out the turth and eliminating the bad guys
- both leads have to go up against higher powers
- both include a lot of action, crimes and investigations
Recommandé par iem
I would recommend a watch for Vagabond despite its open ending. It is fast-paced and the storyline is good to start with especially for the first 10 to 12 episodes. There is a bit of twist and turn in the last few episodes that seems to just lengthen the show but I feel that the bulk of the story has already made its impression on me that I can easily continue all the way to the end. The political power play can be a bore to some but it is the background required for the reason the truth on the plane crash is hidden and for it to eventually unfold.

The bottom line is watch it for the action and plot but be forewarned about the ending. Then, you won’t feel that you have wasted 16 hours of your time for nothing! ?

Similarities :
- both leads have lost their loved ones in an airplane crash
- both revolve around finding out the turth and eliminating the bad guys
- both leads have to go up against higher powers
- both include a lot of action, crimes and investigations
Recommandé par Rhea
I'm only on episode 5 of Vagabond, but the whole mystery/conspiracy thing + the tone of the drama is giving me major K2 vibes
Recommandé par dearD4NI
There is action and violence in both these kdramas and an evil figurehead which people try to work out throughout the show.
Recommandé par l4verina
From the first moment that I started to watch Vincenzo, I thought they had a very similar concept. With the corruption, taking revenge of the dead of a person you love, a big plot twist of who's the villian and a very frustrating love story . However, I think Vincenzo has more comedy otherwise Vagabond, but I am 100% sure that if you enjoyed Vincenzo, you will like Vagabond :)
Recommandé par Dreamgirls101
both have different plot but both are same in huge conspiracy like bluehouse-bomb-blast/plane-crash which involve higher authorities. which Shock the main characters as they investigate, reveals the truth they had not even expected/imagine . both story goes around blue house , country president, national investigation service and both have Female Lead NIS agent

vagabond is more action packed drama than designated
Recommandé par ASTER
-slow burn romance and love story
-blend of romance in a political/action setting
-spies, military and intelligence, international government driven politics in both
-SD is historical, set in the 1980s whereas Vagabond is modern day
-vagabond is much more action packed and fast paced, SD has a simpler story with more melo themes
-vagabond is more detailed with the plot and story, sd has more feels and emotions!
Recommandé par sakina rizvi
Both are action dramas and involve plot of conspiracy in big companies and government. Both main characters try to make their revenge. Also both meet pretty girls on their way to do so.
Recommandé par livia
-A team of people (police) against the injustice of the wealthy people.
-The suspense of not knowing what is going to happen next.
-A mastermind criminal.
-Romance (although in Pied Piper is very minimal, it's still there)
-Good acting and action scenes.
-A terrorist attack.
Recommandé par Shay65
vagabond and iris was well made action series, so if you like iris, i suggestion you to also watch vagabond, it was highly recommended.
Recommandé par desdins121
Revenge, Action, Corruption, Moments of romance, betrayal, fight, intrigues on national scale
When I wach both dramas I could feel simmilar filings and inspiration
Recommandé par Piasek
Both shows:
> Are action-oriented.
> Have adorable male leads who can hold their own in a fight.
> Have strong and nurturing female leads.
> Have leads establish a balanced relationship; healthy, nurturing, honest and reliable.
> Main leads show a lot of chemistry.
> Have leads focused on getting justice, more than revenge.
> The Male Lead lost a loved one.
> Are part of a team of misfits.
> Antagonists hold power through corruption.
> They face a number of antagonists, some of which are portrayed a bit cartoony.
Recommandé par 3GGG
This two amazing drama was come from same writernim. So I highly recommend to watch it too, because their similarities
Recommandé par desdins121
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