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Notes: 7.9/10 par 1,162 utilisateurs
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  • Pays: South Korea
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: mars 7, 2016 - avril 26, 2016
  • Diffusé Sur: Lundi, Mardi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: tvN
  • Durée: 1 hr. 5 min.
  • Score: 7.9 (scored by 1,162 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #2515
  • Popularité: #3018
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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avril 30, 2016
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 9.5
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0
What a great adventure this was!

When I started this drama I wasn't even sure if I'll like it or not. I haven't seen anything with the leads except for Jo Yoon Hee (The King's Face) and therefore had to get used to the male ones. First impressions were good but not overwhelming, though interesting enough to keep watching.

And man, was I glad I continued this one!

What about the story... It's basically about a small negotiation team that doesn't have much recognition from the public and has to kinda prove its existence every single time something happens. But it wouldn't be a kdrama if there wasn't a bigger story behind it - the story of Pied Piper. And here is where the impressive part starts. It's not necessarily the story itself but the way it was delivered that makes it so worth-watching. Step by step revelations and each of them just makes you more curious. Add a very captivating and skillful cinematography and incredibly top-notch actors to it, then your dessert may be served.

Shin Ah Kyun and Yoo Joon Sang were at their best (their interacting was purely epic) and I'm not exaggerating here. Their characters were wholly shaped by the writers as well as their development and growth during the drama. Jo Yoon Hee tried her best, too, but in the end couldn't keep up with them completely. But she wasn't bad either, just sliding out of the light sometimes which was kinda sad, imo.

As for the cinematography. I don't even know how to describe it the right way. It's just the way how single scenes are put together, underlined with precisely accurate music. The beauty of it just leaves you speechless and shocked at the end of an episode.

My rating's not a whole ten but don't be bothered by it. I for myself did find some tiny flaws and couldn't overlook them - as well as for some cases the team had to take on. Sometimes, they just seemed to be a bit overdone.

I still think this drama is underrated. There's even a message delivered that you can pick up - or not.

So, let me give you an advice: If you have some free time and are in need of a really good crime drama, start this one. It's worth its 16 hours.

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14 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
avril 30, 2016
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Musique 7.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 6.0
I can't believe no one has posted a review on this amazing and underrated drama! I really believe a lot of people on MDL should give this a try.

The story of this drama is about a terrorist who calls himself the Pied Piper. This terrorist is controlling people to commit and act of terror. A negotiation team is set up and the two main protagonists in this drama both lost a loved one from one such act.

The story is really great and and the drama unfolds itself with each episode. And every episode the tension is getting higher until the very end! The only reason why I'm not giving the story a 10 is that there are still side story lines I felt where not fully completed.

Acting was great overall, there are a lot of experienced actors as well as new faces but everyone was good. Shin Ha Kyun like always was great at its role, but Jo Yoon Hee not so much and I really had to get used to her, the only drama I have seen her before was Nine Times Time Travel but eventually she didn't bother me that much.

Music was good nothing special but still pretty good

Rewatch Value:
I don't rate any drama for a rewatch

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  • Drama: Pied Piper
  • Pays: Corée du Sud
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: mars 7, 2016 - avril 26, 2016
  • Diffusé On: Lundi, Mardi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: tvN
  • Durée: 1 hr. 5 min.
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Adolescents de 15 ans ou plus


  • Score: 7.9 (marqué par 1,162 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #2515
  • Popularité: #3018
  • Téléspectateurs: 4,895

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