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If you want to check other pics that I've taken of him, then you can find it HERE

Hello and welcome to my page!
I'm one of those contributors who tries to help this site with adding new dramas, movies, actors, tags and change/update information on them. I mostly help when it comes to Korean stuff, so feel free to contact me if there's a specific actor/actress you're searching for. I've also started to help with translating MDL's title/synopsis from English to Swedish as it's my native language.

I'm a big kmovie fan as I like dark plots the most, but I'm open for any kind of genre when it comes to Asian movies. I can watch Asian dramas too, but I'm a very slow drama watcher and I'm more picky about the genres/plots because of the longer duration.

I mostly listen to k-pop, k-rock, j-rock, j-pop and v-pop, but I can sometimes listen to c-pop/t-pop and mainstream music (mostly the songs they play on the radio over here). I also like to listen to trot, acapella and crossover vocal quartet. 

If you also have MyAnimeList, you can add me as a friend there, if you want. Click HERE to come directly to my MAL profile.

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Completed Asian movies:
Completed CMovie / Completed HKMovie / Completed JMovie
Completed KMovie / Completed PHMovie / Completed TMovie / Completed THMovie
KMovies I've watched at cinema

As I've started to watch movies from other Asian countries that aren't available here on MDL, I've created those lists on IMDb instead, so check them out, if you want:
Completed Indonesian Movie
Completed Malaysian Movie
Completed Singaporean Movie
Completed Vietnamese Movie

For the Swedish Asian movie fans:
If you want to watch some Asian movies for free (legally), then I can recommend you SVT Play. They add Asian movies on their site now and then, so you've a limited time to watch them when they get added. Most of these movies will come back later again, so if you miss it, you'll problaby have a chance too watch them later. Also TV4 Play have started to add Korean dramas. Cineasterna also have some Asian movies you can watch for free. 

Click HERE to get directly to the site.
This site is for free, the only thing you need is a library card at one of the Swedish libraries that offer Cineasterna. All libraries have different rules about how many movies you can rent each month, you rent each movie for 48h. To get all the titles for specific country, just search on  "Hongkong", "Indien", "Japan", "Kina", "Singapore" , "Sydkorea", "Taiwan", "Thailand", "Vietnam" etc.

TV4 Play:
Strangers from Hell [MDL] / Strangers from Hell
Taxi Driver [MDL] / Taxi Driver
Trap [MDL] / Trap

SVT Play, these titles come and go on their site:
Asako I & II [MDL] / Asako I & II
Ash is Purest White [MDL] / Ash Is Purest White
Barking Dogs Never Bite [MDL] / Barking Dogs Never Bite
Burning [MDL] / Bränd
Hiroshima Mon Amour [MDL] / Hiroshima - min älskade
Lust, Caution [MDL] / Lust, caution
Memories of Murder [MDL] / Memories of Murder
Mother [MDL] / Mother
Old Boy [MDL] / Old boy - hämnden
Parasite [MDL] / Parasit
Pop Aye [MDL] / Pop Aye 
Ramen Shop [MDL] / Ramen Shop
Rashomon [MDL] / Rashomon - demonernas port
So Long, My Son [MDL] / So long my son
The Gangster, the Cop and the Devil [MDL] / The gangster, the cop, the devil
The Handmaiden [MDL] / The Handmaiden
The Host [MDL] / The Host
The Third Murder [MDL] / Tredje Mordet
Tokyo Story [MDL] / Föräldrarna
Woman in the Dunes [MDL] / Kvinnan i sanden

Discord servers to join:
KDrama International

BIGBANG - '봄여름가을겨울 (Still Life)' M/V


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