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 About Me  ❀ 

“In this lifetime, our intertwined fates end here.”

 Fazola, She/Her, ♊︎

A 29 yo dreamer & introvert.

Major Asian dramas addict since 2016 (mostly korean but interested in other). Other than that, I love Music, Photography, Food and Sleep.

Feel free to check My watchlist for any question!

“Everyone has their moments, but it all passes. If you just endure it a little, it will pass.” – Young-shin 
 Personal preference 

My first ever drama was Healer and it's still an all time fav along with Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

My fav genres are anything Dark really: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Psychological

BUT, I'm open to watch anything really if it's interesting enough, with good rating or has been recommended.

 Rating system 
“To gain something, you need to lose something.” –Chishiya

Don't take my rating too seriously!

I rarely give low scores unless the show is really unwatchable (to me). However, I enjoy writing sincere reviews sometimes or when a show is remarkable.
“I should have met you a bit sooner.” – Seong Yuno 
 Let's be friends  

Please interact before sending a friend request, i'd love to have active friends on the feeds. ♡ 

I'm trying to make more MDL friends and chat a lot abt dramas im CW  (also sorry for spamming the feeds :")

☣  Side notes  

- I rant and post a lot about the shows I'm currently watching.

- If you're active on feeds, send me a friend request and feel free to message me about anything!

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