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Adorkable Heights, State of Oblivion, Kdramaland


Adorkable Heights, State of Oblivion, Kdramaland


Okay, first things first:

If you are going to add me, you should somehow interact with me whether through a message saying hi or where you encountered me or the more common way, replying in  comment threads, feeds and in the forums

I'm not friend icon-gatherer/chronic feed scrollerbut I'm friendly-just infinitely moreso to those who interact with me!

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Yes, I did make by badge for 2021 my favorite actor as my favorite species... what of it? Both hack into my sleep, yet I love them still.    
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 My 2021 challenge, list form!

One sharp swipe of a paw and both my beloved favorites hack into my sleep...

My 2020 Watch Challenge entry

I watched 150 MDL dramas & films in 2020, AND

that doesn't include any I started in 2019! Yikes !

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to see how DIABOLICAL I was in 2020! c(;

 With my sleep schedule, that is...


I've watched Japanese films since the 1980s (Kurosawa was my gateway drug though only Miyazaki has really compared in terms of viewing euphoria, so to speak). I've only really been watching Jdramas sporadically and even Japanese films I'm pretty fussy about. Still, they won me over first, just not for things like romance that I dare consider them inferior in depicting, at least in the last decade or so (but dang if I want my heart to ACHE, Japan still wins at writing dark brooding content). . .

Kdramas entered my life initially in the late 1990s, but I wasn't especially focused on where the show was from as much as the story itself until 2003 when Ji Sung MADE ME pay attention to WHO and perhaps WHAT that charismatic creature was and WHERE such a marvelous being existed! Ahjummas holed up in the hospital helped me grasp what subtitles failed to back then (and I got away with it somehow as part of 'patient care' since they were so good at being actresses, suddenly showcasing to potential criticizers how they were ailing in ways desperately needing my help, I think THEY started the real wave-oh the good old days before work got more and more intense)... from getting a break from rounds at the same convenient time daily (their meds must have been precision-timed to stop working for that one hour) to eventually topping 500 then 1000 (and on and on) dramas watched start to finish, I'm a proper addict! ! ! 

Still here? Useful enough info about my ratings here: Unless I rated it a 9/9.5/10 (I really yearn for 0.1 point increments to reflect how I truly feel about shows), my ratings tend to be a bit higher here than my personal scale. I figure since MDL seems to work a bit like school grades, a 7-7.5 is, rather than being solid, completely average in ways that aren't awful but won't be especially memorable, either. Honestly, if I gave something a rating below 7, I struggled to keep watching it and resented myself for keeping the thing playing at times. In other words, my MDL 7 is the same as my 70 points for classes that failed anything below 70%... drama/film, you barely passed and your writer and/or director and/or cast shouldn't be doing this for a career, depending on what was so unsatisfying about it that I docked it almost enough points to completely go into the shredder with a firm command of "Start all over again from day one of this class and listen to the professor this time if you don't want to deal with me again, kid."  Yeah, a 7 is C grade here but D grade in my world. That said, I don't expect everything to be amazing. I DO expect it to be pretty amazing on many fronts if they're tossing US $85,000/episode for the likes of Kim Soo Hyun, Hyun Bin, Gianna Jun (Jun Ji Hyun), or icon Lee Young Ae, but let me put it this way:

I'd rather watch a brave failure, a valiant attempt derailed, than a safe dull success. 

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see my 2019 Watch Challenge entry!

Occasionally a Hong Kong drama or film will pique my interest. I've tried Chinese dramas, even finishing some highly recommended shows/films, but with a few exceptions (key example: Better Days (2019)), it seems the grandiose historicals in particular won’t be for me until they stop having such obvious dubbing that makes me unable to enjoy programs just like subtitles being off by 5 seconds for 50 hours would.  For the time being, I'm mostly traversing dramaland in Korea with some trips to Japan and beyond periodically! If ever in my lifetime friggin Jade Lovers with Lee Jong Suk it taken out of cancellation purga, I'll go back to China for a longer while (considering I signed on to manage and edit it way back when it first got a page on Viki where I used to be an active volunteer)-don't hold your breath or suffocation will be your means of immense suffering and possibly death! I do not envy CDrama fans waiting those absurdly long times! :)


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