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it's me ∩(︶▽︶)∩♩ ♪  

About me: EnTj - Choleric Temperament (/•ิ_•ิ)/

゚✲*Fav 2023's Dramas!゚✲*

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"I want to do my best to make up for my past regrets and wrongdoings"
Story of Kunning Palace
"I had the feeling my dearest from my dreams would appear. Thus, everything in front of me...sparkled..."
My Dearest
"I was once naive enough to think, that maybe I can be the light in your life of darkness"
Till The End of The Moon

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Be My Dream Family
 One Piece

 My new crushes❤:

Jang Keun Suk
Kim Jung Hyun
Deng Wei

Luo Yunxi

My Taste in dramas:

>Melodramas with angst& love triangle
>Rom-Com with Murder
>Thriller with a tad of Psychological
>Chinese Historical/Wuxia/Xianxia
>Korean Historical
>as Main plot: Cohabitation, fake marriage/contract relationship
>Life dramas with heavy emotional approach

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"I do give books as gifts sometimes, when people would rather have one than a new Ferrari" -Dean Koontz

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“You can’t take back what you’ve lost, what’s important now is what you still have”  


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