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Grumpy Witch

Wild Hollow

Grumpy Witch

Wild Hollow

I'm Ari, formerly known as LisNoir. I used to be one of MDL's forum mods, but I haven't been one for  a long time now. If you need help with something please contact the appropriate staff.

 I am only accepting friend requests if we have interacted previously in comment threads, forums, and so on.

My First Dramas
South KoreaJapanTaiwanChinaThailand
Coffee PrinceThe WallflowerRomantic PrincessHoly PearlOh, My Ghost!

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People may wonder why I don't like them? Well, I think they are completely overrated. But hey! you love what you love and I'll love what I love.  People may  think I'm gonna be missing out in a lot but I'll somehow survive.


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