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The Science of Falling in Love chinese drama review
The Science of Falling in Love
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by ShybabyTina
avril 3, 2023
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Aaahhhh cutenesssss

I just loved this drama. The actors are both stunning, found their acting really natural. Their chemistry is also on point.
I just loved the vibe this drama has. It’s so relaxing, no unnecessary drama between the characters, villains etc. It is a realistic love story of two childhood sweethearts. ().
Usually I don’t like these types of dramas, but here the childhood sweethearts trope worked well with the whole story and it was a nice addition to the romance.
I am no scientist to give an opinion about the whole "love experiment" thing and its accuracy in real life lol *this is a drama after all* so I don't mind it. I think it was really creative.
I really appreciate that this drama has almost no dubbing at all. It' s a bonus for me: I usually hate dubbing, feels like it takes some of the authenticity of the acting. I prefer the actors' real voices. In the case of this drama, the male lead's voice is amazing, so glad they kept it authentic like that.
The female lead is so cuuuute. I loved her. Usually I find the female characters in such dramas quite annoying, but here she was just such a sweetheart.
The male lead is so handsome. And aaaahhh, again with this voice. I can’t wait to watch him in more dramas.
P.S. I forgot to mention there is, at a certain point, some heavy topics related to family and child-parents relationship. Still, really well done, made me feel even more empathetic towards the main characters.
Really recommend it!
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