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Cagayan De Oro, Philippines


Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

Naomi || '90s kid || IG:


Color: Pink
Music: Songs from years 1990-2010
Male Singer: Michael Jackson
Female Singer: Britney Spears
Band: F4 (Taiwan) / JVKV
Food: Italian
Movie, TV Show:
Actor, Actress:,1,2,5,4,6&so=relevance
Book: Bible
Subject: Math
Sport: Chess
Cartoon Character: Barbie
Pet: Dog
Fashion Designer: Coco Chanel
Style: Streetwear
Style Icon: Kate Moss
Motto: Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.


Watching shows & movies, listening to music, surfing the Net, shopping, cooking, eating, playing with my dog, dancing, sleeping


Fashion, beauty, art, Asian entertainment, food, music, dogs, God, family, friends


I started watching Asian dramas since I was 6 years old. My 1st drama was the Taiwanese hit series Meteor Garden back in 2001. It was very popular when it was aired in TV here in Philippines, it was dubbed in our local language (Tagalog). As you can see on my profile here, I put some pictures of Taiwanese F4, I've always dreamed of buying F4 merchandise and posters since I was young, I've been a fan of F4/JVKV as the same age I started being a Meteor Garden & Asian drama fan. I liked watching Asian entertainment because of how great their influence is to my life, in terms of fashion and moral values, how relatable the stories are, and I find them all enjoyable. I first joined MDL back in 2014 while I was still studying in college. I was randomly searching newly released Taiwanese dramas when I found MDL. I felt very happy when I found MDL. This is my favorite website for Asian entertainment. My MDL watchlist does not include Philippine titles, though I watched some of them growing up, but they are not my focus in drama watching. If I have spare time, here in MDL, I am also a contributor. I only put my reviews about the drama or movie on the comment section. I do not leave a rating because I rate all on my MDL watchlist a perfect 10. I try to watch as much as I can, as long as I am not busy.

[UPDATED May 15,2023: I have stopped being an MDL contributor now because of disrespectful approval staff & rules :( Before, I used to add dramas, movies & celebrities from Taiwan, China & Hong Kong. But I will still be active here in MDL only to update my dramas/movies list that tracks which dramas/movies I watched based on the titles available here in MDL and leave my reviews in the drama/movie's comment section.]

[UPDATED April 19,2024: I have resumed as MDL contributor, hopefully I won't have a problem getting approval for my contributions, I realized how I love this passion of mine which is to make MDL the best and trusted English language Asian entertainment site, thank you for your kindness and understanding!]

I accept all friend requests, please feel free to add me! (You may also follow me on Instagram, where I post my favorites in Asian entertainment and my other interests, as well as my personal life photos! ^_^)


These are my criteria when it comes to classifying the dramas & movies in my list:

Currently WatchingDramas & movies that I'm watching as of this present time
CompletedDramas & movies that I've finished watching
Plan to WatchDramas & movies that I haven't watched yet, but going to watch next
On-holdDramas & movies that I've watched but I did not continue because the
episodes are missing or lack of time
DroppedDramas & movies that I finished watching in raw, meaning there's no English subtitles or not dubbed in Filipino (in other words, I do not understand anything at all, but despite of that, I still watched just because I'm interested); dramas/movies that I finished watching but some of the episodes are understood & some episodes are not understood at all because of the language. If there are English subtitles found, please let me know. I'd be glad to re-watch them all!


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