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▫ Prefer Kdrama, Jdrama & Cdrama 

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▫ Comments on each drama I watched are listed in  Notes in my watchlist 

Favorite Dramas
I have two main preferences when it comes to genres - Thrillers and Romance. I do prefer both to be present in a drama, however, if I had to choose one over the other, my main preference is focused on investigative and thriller dramas.

 Crime/Thriller/Investigation Dramas:

WatcherWatcher                                                                                                             Burning Ice


 Signal                                                                                                                                Trinity of Shadows                                                                                


  Romance Dramas: 

               Pinocchio                                                                                    Dating in the Kitchen

 One Spring Night 

Favorite Movies 

                            Lightning up the Stars                                                                                      Better Days 

                                                                                        A Midsummer's Equation

Non-Asian Dramas

While I do love Asian productions, I really do enjoy some good Non-Asian dramas as well.

My most favourite and thus highly highly recommended dramas are;

                                                                         Dark                                                                                                                  McMafia         

Bron (The Bridge)                                                                                   Andor

I prefer European dramas a little more, especially Nordic ones. But I absolutely adore any well developed series, with a gripping storyline and great character development.

If you have any recommendations for me that you think I might enjoy
 (no matter which country) please send me a DM :)

I am always on the lookout for more.


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