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Parallel BL Universe


Parallel BL Universe

I am basically a toned down real life version of |Merida|. The character is not toned down though, my stubbornness and tenacity are forces of nature, but not always a good thing. I can create tsunamis with my quick temper and burn down buildings with my volcanic nature. An introvert and also cynical person, i will strip down your layers one by one like an onion before i give you my trust and emotional investment.  Inspite of all,i am a generous person, i will always smile and be kind to you and do everything i can to make you comfortable with me. I have just a bad temper, i'm not evil.  I am basically a  jellyfish- cute on the outside but get too close too soon and i'll sting you. But once i let you in, it's forever. you can't get rid of me...thats it!:))

Avid listener of Kpop, i will fight you to death when it comes to the ARMY or give you warm hugs like an ATINY and make you STAY,or even sing you lullabies with a sweet MELODY. We could go on,but might be forever cause at this point i lost count :))

I do live in a parallel BL universe, where KBLs reign and ThaiBLs are the council. I am not THAT crazy tho, Kdramas have their own special place in this universe to keep the balance. :D

I have a weird and sometimes(most of the times) dark humour, sarcasm is my second language and i can get away with murder with how many crime shows and documentaries i've watched. I won't do it though,human life is too precious :)

I'm here on MDL to vent when needed,to share my 2 cents and to read others 2 cents. If i have fun in the meantime and make some friends,hooray! 

Let's meet around here sometimes, seeya! ;)


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