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Hello! I'm a series lover, for as long as i can remember.

I am into japanese thai korean and chinese. I guess you could say that im very much into asian series! 

One thing for sure, I am into romcom series! Happy ending is a must! I love wuxia/xianxia/adventure too! XD

And i am totally NOT into heavy/tragic/melo/dramatic/scheming/political/complicated stuffs, so I stayed away from those genres :D

Being gen y, one of the (many)earliest series that i can remember watching was the good old days. 
I was still a kid at that time (prolly 7/8 years old but i remember sitting in front of the tv everyday just to catch the series, and decades later, i can still hum to the ost! Lol)  XD Oh then, i was really into tvb dramas! (The cop, the chef,  the firefighter, well you know, tvb dramas) Those were the days! Love it! Hehe. Next, i hopped on jdoramas, thanks to news no onna (beach boys and long vacation too mehehe) Boy, i was really into takki haha think i was around 10 at that time lolol XD Jdoramas and live actions always hold a special place in my heart, til forever. I'm a huge anime fan too hehehe. I think one of my earliest kdramas were all about eve and autumn in my heart :). 
And the rest is history! :)

My fav actors include Xu Kai, Mark Prin, Yoo Ah In, Oguri Shun, the late Miura Haruma, Yang Yang, Nino, Sato Takeru, Macken, Matsujun, Yamapi, Yamaken, Park Seo Jun, Xiao Zhan, Jang Ki Yong, Mario Maurer, Yibo, James Ji, In Sarin, Neo Hou, Job Thuchapon, Jo In Sung, Lee Jong Suk, So Ji Sub, Ji Chang Wook, Deng Lun, Leo Wu, Nanon Korapat, Gong Jun, Lin Yi, Dilraba, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Ji Won, Yang Mi, Yaya Urassaya and lots more! Hahaha XD

All in all, I have always enjoyed watching series since i was little!  That's a little bit about me :) 

Anyways, I usually look for series based on reviews, so if i happened to see your review on certain series that i like, or i like reading your review, i might add you up! In hope that we can exchange our opinions and love on series that we like.

P/s: I am almost always out of series to watch! :D


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